Welcome to the Much Better Foundation

When customers book holidays, they help good things happen!

We are building up the Much Better Foundation as a grant giving body that aims to give vital financial support to carefully selected grassroots conservation and sustainable development projects, chosen by our local hosts, and making a difference in the destinations they call home.

£1 for a Much Better Planet

We are putting aside £1 per new customer for grant giving.

We are now inviting our local hosts, guides and operators to join us in pledging £1 per customer, so we can really snowball the positive impact.

Rather than be part of the problem, this is how we believe travel can be part of the solution.

Want to get involved?

Sustainability isn't just about 'getting a bit greener'. As an industry, we can all play a part in making real, serious, essential change happen.

Please contact us to find out more about the £1 pledge, and the positive benefits partnering can bring to your business alongside.

What projects do you support?

While the pool of funds grows, we are inviting our local hosts to propose projects in their destination.

These projects will then go under a screening process, done in collaboration with experts in each field. It will not be prejudiced by the size of the organisation or project, but on the likely ability to deliver meaningful and worthwhile solutions to local environmental and social problems.

If you run or know a project that should be considered, please email us at foundation@muchbetteradventures.com with a website and contact number.