Meet the team

We're headquartered in the heart of London's tech community, with a passionate and ridiculously talented team dotted throughout Europe.

When we're not at our laptops, it's probably because we are up a mountain or running a river.

Alex Narracott Photo

Alex Narracott

Founder & CEO

Talk to me about adventure, social entreprenuership or obscure German techno and I'll be happy.

Guy Bowden Photo

Guy Bowden

Founder & CTO

Lives in the Alps. Fingers crossed the site doesn't go down on a powder day.

Sam Bruce Photo

Sam Bruce

Founder & CMO

Co-founder of a loud baby, a sassy cat, and this ol' thing. Helping people like you discover us.

Leo Wolf Photo

Leo Wolf

New Business Developer

Preferably on top of mountains or on the water - that’s where the best ideas are born!

Nik Martin Photo

Nik Martin

Lead Engineer

It’s all about the bike, whether on the road, gravel, MTB or bike-packing.

Nikita Munt Photo

Nikita Munt

Customer Success

Snowboarding songstress keeps our suppliers happy, and our customers happier!

Pete McEwan Photo

Pete McEwan


Writing content and irritating the team with very bad jokes.

Rory Donovan Photo

Rory Donovan

Operations Manager

Triathlete, open water swimmer, sufferfest loving ops manager. Makes sure holidays happen.

Rytis Jasiunas Photo

Rytis Jasiunas

Customer Success

Windsurfer, surfer, skier, paddleboarder. Lives and breathes adventure and shares his passion with anyone who'll listen.

Sophie Brandon  Photo

Sophie Brandon

Social Media Manager

Our social media guru. When Sophie isn't charming the public on the internet, she'll most likely be found on a horse or a surfboard. Sometimes even real ones.

Jo Fairweather Photo

Jo Fairweather

Head of Content

Jo is our content marketing hot-shot. When she's not in the office, she'll be out practising what she preaches in the surf, on a mountain or up a climbing wall.

Charlie McCulloch Photo

Charlie McCulloch

Product Design Lead

Charlie McCulloch is a designer who is charged with making our website look beautiful. When Charlie is not designing, you can usually find him running or cycling uncomfortably long distances.

Norbert Nagy Photo

Norbert Nagy

Front-end Developer

Front-end developer and all-round tech man. A keen surfer and basketball player, Norbert vows to dip his toe into the world of snow sports this year.

Victoria Bethell  Photo

Victoria Bethell

Social Impact Adventure Creator

Victoria is launching a seriously exciting new range of trips that have a social impact. When Victoria is not in the office, she spends her time hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and learning to climb.

Stefano Montanarini Photo

Stefano Montanarini

Adventure Creator

Stefano dreams up and creates our freshest adventures. Stefano is a hardened adventurer who has travelled overland from Istanbul to Singapore over the course of 9 months.

Lucy Taplin Photo

Lucy Taplin

Adventure Creator

Lucy is an adventure creator. She has lived in America, South Africa and has recently travelled through Asia. When Lucy is not crafting experiences, you'll probably find her surfing, kayaking, hiking and waterskiing.

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