Meet the team

We're a passionate, talented and fully remote team dotted throughout Europe.

When we're not at our laptops, it's probably because we are up a mountain or running a river.

Alex Narracott Photo

Alex Narracott

Founder & CEO

Talk to me about adventure, social entreprenuership or obscure German techno and I'll be happy.

Guy Bowden Photo

Guy Bowden

Founder & CTO

Lives in the Alps. Fingers crossed the site doesn't go down on a powder day.

Sam Bruce Photo

Sam Bruce

Founder & CMO

Co-founder of two loud babies, a sassy cat, and this ol' thing. Helping people like you discover us.

Toree Bethell  Photo

Toree Bethell


Keeps the show on the road. Hikes, bikes, runs, swims, paddles and climbs. Loves adventure. Always going further.

Jenny Photo


Adventure Operations Manager

Happiest donning hiking boots, running shoes or hurtling down the piste. Supports our hosts in delivering incredible adventures.

Anne Photo


Adventure Operations Manager

No adventure is ever too big. Happiest in nature, surfing, yoga, biking, hiking, campfires, permaculture, supporting our hosts from coastal Portugal.

Rory Donovan Photo

Rory Donovan

Head of Customer Experience

Triathlete, open water swimmer, sufferfest loving Head of CX. Makes sure happy holidays happen.

Matt Burtenshaw Photo

Matt Burtenshaw

Customer Experience Specialist

When not helping customers you'll find him caked in mud mountain biking or jumping off big hills attached to a paraglider.

Naomi Coleman Photo

Naomi Coleman

Customer Experience Specialist

Happiest when hiking, swimming or paddleboarding - either somewhere far away or at home on the Isle of Wight.

Kate Milton Photo

Kate Milton

Customer Experience Specialist

Melty fondue cheese addict and sneaky country music fan who loves to climb up or slide down a mountain. Happily chats away about all things adventure.

Nik Martin Photo

Nik Martin

Product Manager

It’s all about the bike, whether on the road, gravel, MTB or bike-packing.

Gareth Photo


Product Designer

Digital problem solver, generally found outdoors mountain biking, snowboarding, surfing or simply off hiking up a Munro or two.

Ben Roberts Photo

Ben Roberts

Head of Finance

Atypical bean counter with cat-lady tendencies donned in jazzy attire. Chilled beer and ice cream fuels any adventure he can get his hands on.

Adam Robins Photo

Adam Robins

Finance Manager

Making sure everyone gets paid. Loves Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, dancing, and making pizza. Keeps active outdoors to counteract pizza habit.

Megan Devenish Photo

Megan Devenish

Head of Adventure

Passionate about seeking out the best local hosts. Loves cycling or hiking up mountains to find the perfect spot for a snooze under the stars.

Chris Kearney Photo

Chris Kearney

Adventure Expansion Manager

Tasked with finding the freshest adventures around the world. Always on the look out for a wild swim spot to finish up a big day hiking or mountain biking.

Rob Photo


Adventure Expansion Manager

Combines a passion for far flung climes and the natural world to create novel travel experiences across the globe.

Jo Fairweather Photo

Jo Fairweather

Head of Content

Content marketing hot-shot. When Jo's not in the office, she'll be out practising what she preaches in the surf, on a mountain or up a climbing wall.

Stuart Kenny Photo

Stuart Kenny


When Stu's not scribbling away he can often be found falling on his face, usually from a mountain bike, often in front of a scenic backdrop.

Dani Redd Photo

Dani Redd

Deputy Editor

Dani's search for stories has led her from remote Arctic islands to the high peaks of Ladakh. She has written a novel called The Arctic Curry Club.

Dan Bloomfield Photo

Dan Bloomfield

Performance Marketing

Keeps our marketing running at peak performance. Equally happy exploring far-flung corners of the planet, or hiking round Norfolk with his dogs Rufus and Mabel.

Kirsty Photo


Content Manager

Makes sure our adventures shine on screen. Happiest exploring wild trails on two feet, and loves any excuse to refuel by sampling the local food.

You? Photo


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