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Reach new heights and trek the highest accessible peaks across Europe.

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Tick the highest mountains in Europe off your bucket list, one weekend at a time. Are you looking to push your physical and mental limits in an effort to summit Mont Blanc (4810m), Mt. Kazbegi in Georgia (5033m) or Mt. Toubkal (4167m)? Or maybe you're looking to take in a breathtaking view as you climb the highest peak in Greece, Bulgaria or Slovenia?

In just a weekend you can summit a volcano (Pico, 2351m) in the Azores archipelago or stand above the clouds in Madeira... take a few more days off work and you can conquer Romania's three highest peaks in one trek.

We have created a collection to suit every would-be climber. Forget complex planning, we've taken care of all the details - you just need to choose your peak, and then set out with the best qualified, local guides in the area.