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Rolling vineyards and medieval churches litter the foothills of Georgia’s imposing summits.

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Georgia’s Caucasus Mountains are Europe and Asia's rippling collision point.

Although this small, undiscovered country could fit inside South Carolina, it’s home to one of Europe’s oldest cities, 100 miles of hiking trails and four of Europe’s highest peaks.

Explore the ancient fortresses of Khevsureti, before ascending the snow-capped 5,000m-plus peaks of Svaneti or discover the three mysterious, multi-coloured Abudelauri lakes in the Kazbegi region.

Lagodekhi National Park, the oldest nature reserve in Georgia, is where you can embark on the famous Black Rock Lake hike.

The Georgian climate is similar to anywhere else in Europe, so the best time to hike is from late June to September. Only being a fraction the price of its western counterparts, Georgia is a prime choice for the savvy yet curious hiker.

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Mineral springs
UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Mountains over 5000 metres


Medieval watchtowers sit before snowy, 5000-metre peaks in Georgia's remote, Svaneti region.

Although the winters are brutal and barren, as early spring sunshine melts the region's icy exterior, deep greens and whites emerge in the hiking trails of the Caucasus mountains. The best time for hiking in the Svaneti region is from June to early-September.

Svaneti is divided into two parts, the upper region, (Zemo) and the lower (Kzemo). The most popular hikes, running from Mestia to Ushguli, take place in the upper Svaneti, in the valley of Inguri river. The lower Kzemo region has a very different character altogether, and the tourist infrastructure here is some way behind it's higher counterpart.

The remote village of Ushguli, sitting at the foot of Georgia’s highest peak Mount Shkhara (5,200m), is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Europe’s highest settlement.

Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek (5074m) is Eastern Europe’s highest peak, and the numbers of people tackling this mythological mountain is gently increasing each year. The name in Georgian, ‘Mqinvartsveri,’ translates directly to "Freezing Cold Peak".

On Mount Kazbek, you can find ‘Betlemi cave’, one of Europe’s highest caves at 4,000 metres above sea-level. It is said to be home to Abraham’s tent, Christ’s manger and a dove rocked cradle said to have blinding powers. No hikers have claimed to have seen it yet, however.

A hike up Mount Kazbek requires a decent level of experience, fitness and determination, and the main climbing seasons are from June to September. This mythical, lesser-known volcano is waiting for the early-adopting mountaineer.