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Scale muscular peaks, hike enchanting canyons and spot rare wildlife in the remote corners of this captivating country.

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Traverse through a land erupting in colour; amongst emerald green pines, alongside turquoise streams and through blankets of brightly coloured flowers.

Montenegro, translated to ‘Black Mountain’, is awash with rugged mountains, primaeval forests and majestic canyons.

The country’s Mediterranean weather gives way to alpine conditions as you move inland to the scenic, mountainous regions. Summer is an idyllic time to hike the remote Medjurecki Canyon or the deeply-carved Mrtvica Canyon. The shoulder seasons of May-June and September-October are ideal for trekking into the mountains of the incomparable Durmitor National Park. Boasting both UNESCO World Heritage status and the country’s tallest peak, it’s also home to indigenous wildlife such as deer, wolves, lynx and brown bears. Come winter, you can expect substantial snowfall inland, so trade your hiking boots for skis.

Here are some of our favourite hiking spots in Montenegro.

Durmitor National Park

Durmitor is the largest and most impressive of Montenegro’s five national parks. There’s plenty of hiking opportunities amongst the 48 peaks including the country’s tallest mountain, the 2523m Bobotov Kuk. Peaks aside, you can hike the circumference of the beautiful Black Lake with its, ironically, turquoise waters or explore the UNESCO protected Tara Canyon; the longest in Europe.

Fly to Dubrovnik, then spend a long weekend in spring or autumn exploring the park’s hidden corners in the hope of spotting red deer, chamois or a rare Balkan lynx. The weather’s pleasantly warm and dry, so ideal for hiking. The climb up Babotov Kuk can take anything from six to ten hours, but you’re rewarded with mind-blowing panoramic views at the summit.

Prokletije National Park

Known as ‘The Alps of Montenegro’ and covering 16,000 hectares, Prokletije became a national park in 2009. Bordering Montenegro, Albania and Kosovo, it remains largely untouched.

With 50 peaks over 2,000m and 20 over 2,500m, hikers are spoilt for choice. The highest mountains to scale on the Montenegro side are Maja Rosit (2,524m) and Maja Kolata (2,556m), which is taller than Babotov Kuk, but rarely recognised as the country’s tallest as it borders Albania.

To avoid the snow, summer is best for exploring Prokletije. But even then, parts can still be covered, so a guide and climbing experience is necessary. Most treks can be done in a day and will begin from the peaceful town of Plav, a two to three-hour drive from Podgorica.

Mrtvica Canyon

The Mrtvica Canyon in central Montenegro is made up of granite cliffs, craggy peaks and mesmerisingly blue waters. With the 8km gorge having a safe 7.5km path to follow, it’s an easy hike for most.

Starting from the village of Medjurecje, 40km north of Podgorica, you’ll set off towards the naturally-formed 'Gate of Wishes'. You can watch trout dart through the glassy water before continuing through dense forest towards the canyon trail. Gaze up at 700m tall cliffs and pass through the enclosed military path, carved into the rock face by the Yugoslav army.

The 15km circuit takes around six hours, allowing time to explore the enchanting 'Gate of Wishes'. This hike is doable at any time of year except winter but is best in spring when the icy meltwater makes for a full and fast-flowing river.