Dog Sledding Adventures in Norway

Guide teams of huskies, traverse rugged snowscapes and witness the Northern Lights on the ultimate Arctic adventure.

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From day-long thrill rides to multi-day expeditions, there’s no better place than Norway to experience fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled dog sledding.

Explore some of the most northerly and remote places in Europe, guided by a team of huskies and an experienced local musher. Learn the ropes and lead your own sled across the snow-covered Arctic Circle, spotting foxes, hares, eagles, moose and reindeer as you go.

Settle into Sami tents in Tromso, Tipi bungalows in Alta or remote mountain cabins on the Finnmark Plateau. Then tuck into some Sami Bidos and hope to catch a glimpse of the phenomenal Northern Lights.

Winter is the best time for dog sledding, to ensure plenty of snow for the ride. Warm clothes and shoes are essential to prepare for temperatures as low as -20°C at times, although the Gulf Stream makes the climate more manageable.

Here are some of our favourite Norwegian dog sledding adventures.


Set off into the Tromso wilderness on a single or multi-day dog sledding expedition across the Arctic tundra. Meet hundreds of huskies and their puppies at the nearby dog sledding centre, before getting acquainted with your team of dogs and being transformed into a real-life musher for the duration of your trip.

Pack up your kit, take the reins and dash across the pristine snowscape, set to the backdrop of towering, rugged mountains. An overnight trip gives the opportunity to camp in a traditional Sami tent and witness the colourful Northern Lights illuminating the night sky.

No previous experience is required for this thrilling adventure, just warm clothes and footwear. As one of the most northerly parts in Europe, winters in Tromso are cold, but it’s kept warmer by the Gulf Stream. It’s best to fly to Oslo first, then take a connecting flight to Tromso from there.


Head to the City of Northern Lights and prepare for an unforgettable night beneath the stars. Meet your dogs and venture out into the Norwegian backcountry, en route to the unique wooden Tipi bungalows where you’ll spend the night. Relax in the luxurious lodge, enjoy a warming dinner in the renovated barn and truly unwind in the outdoor jacuzzi and sauna after an exciting dog sledding experience.

The insulated and cosy Tipi bungalows all have a floor to ceiling window, allowing you a prime viewpoint for the Northern Lights. Get tucked in under a blanket and sit tight, fingers crossed, in the hope of seeing the Arctic’s spectacular light show.

Alta is home to the world’s first Northern Lights observatory and plays host to the longest dog sled race in Europe. It can be reached by flying to Oslo and taking a domestic flight from there.

The Finnmark Plateau

For the ultimate dog sledding experience, take to the crisp, white snow on a 6-day expedition across the Finnmark Plateau; one of the most northern dog sledding locations. Master the sled, harness and tend to the pups and spend time at one with nature on this immersive Arctic adventure.

Stay in Tipi bungalows and mountain cabins each night after traversing the rugged, snow-dusted landscape for 6-7 hours each day, stopping for lunch and activities. Soak aching muscles in hot jacuzzis, relax in saunas and indulge in tasty Nordic dinners at the end of a long and thrilling day. Best of all, there’s no light pollution here, so chances of seeing the Northern Lights are high.

The chilly Finnmark Plateau is accessed from the city of Alta, a domestic flight away from Oslo. Warm clothes and a reasonable level of fitness are required, but no previous sledding experience is necessary.