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Peru trekking holidays are a mix of huge landscapes and culture. You might be trekking across rainbow mountain ridges, crossing stripes of red, white and gold. Or take a hike through Colca Canyon, watching out for the mighty condor - a very important bird in the mythology of South America.

There are Inca ruins a plenty to visit on a Peru hiking holiday. Of course, Machu Picchu is the most famous hiking destination. Take the Inca Trail trek for the beaten path to the Sun Gate, or choose the more unusual Salkantay Trek. Join a small group to trek through rainforest, cloud forest and up mountain passes before reaching Machu Picchu.

But there are many more hiking locations that involve ancient history and culture. The Sacred Valley of the Incas, near Cusco, is home to Ollantaytambo a huge Inca fort. Or further afield, Lake Titicaca on the border between Peru and Bolivia contains an underwater temple over 1000 years old. It's a day hike from Copacabana (no, not that one).