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Trek through tangled forests, scale limestone ridges and experience heart-trembling ravine crossings in Slovakia.

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Home to the highest part of the Carpathian Mountains – the Tatras – Slovakia is a remote, European wilderness that many adventurers have yet to experience.

But with peaks reaching 2654m, forest stretching over two-fifths of the country and meltwater river canyons carving up the landscape, it’s an untouched paradise for hikers.

During winter, swap hiking boots for snowshoes for a sub-zero adventure. With the spring melt, the landscape reveals freshwater lakes, foaming waterfalls and granite and limestone peaks. Only Slovakia’s deepest mountain lake in the High Tatras can resist, staying frozen for 70% of the year.

Uncrowded and inexpensive, have a look at our favourite spots to hike in Slovakia.

The Suchá Belá Canyon

The Slovak Paradise National Park is defined by throbbing waterfalls, snaking gorges and dense thickets of forest.

The Suchá Belá Canyon is one of the Park’s most popular canyons to visit, with multiple trails crisscrossing the area. What makes hiking here particularly unique are the ladders and bridges that open up the rock faces, including one towering ladder that allows you to climb up the side of a gushing waterfall.

You’ll need a head for heights and a couple of hours to spare for this hike. Avoid the rush by hiking at off-peak times.

Velická Valley

Explore 16km of the High Tatras mountains, from Ždiar to the foot of Gerlachovsky Peak, which towers over the finishing point of the hike at a staggering 2654m.

The trail ascends 975m along the eastern slope of the mountain, revealing unforgettable views of the Slovakian landscape as you go. You’ll pass mountain lakes, a frothing waterfall and dense spruce forest on the day-long hike. It’s not an easy route, but the views will motivate you during the climb. In the bowels of the valley, with craggy rock faces to either side, the view is particularly atmospheric when partly shrouded by cloud.


Accessible from Trangoška, Srdiečko and Jasna, this hike traces the rocky ridgeline between two peaks, Chopok and Dumbier, in the Low Tatras mountains. It also forms part of the E8 European walking route, which is a marathon 4700km in total. Thankfully, this part of the trail is much more manageable, at just under 20km.

Don’t be fooled by the distance into thinking this is an easy stroll. You’ll be hiking between the third highest and the highest peaks in the range with wind and low temperatures to tackle too. The sight of the mammoth High Tatras mountains looming in the distance and the Hron river valley makes the adventure worthwhile.