Looking for the best hikes in Norway? Hiking is second nature to Norwegians and with the vast and varied landscapes on their doorstep, it’s easy to see why. From the white-sand beaches of the north to the dramatic mountains of the south, and the spectacular fjords in between, there’s something to suit all types of hiker. That's where we're going to focus today - because many of the best hiking in Norway happens to be along, around or above a fjord.

Many fjords promise spectacular natural views of untouched verdant forests, ice cold lagoons and sweeping views over seemingly endless cliffs and mountains. They're also great places to chase the Northern Lights during winter. Here, we're going to give you an introduction to them (this Norway fjord map will show you where each is located).

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In many countries, the best hiking routes are only obtainable to those in the know or with high-tech equipment – this is not the case in Norway, the undisputed home of the fjords! However, with many of the best Norway fjord hikes accessible only by boat or kayak, we would recommend travelling with a guide where possible.

Here are 15 fjords worth hiking on your next Norway walking adventure. These are all day hikes with breathtaking views, many of which are accessible by public transport. We've suggested some day hikes within the fjords, but given that wild camping is permissible in Norway we also recommend embarking on a multi-day adventure. Please note that the route descriptions we have included are summaries - they're no substitute for a detailed map or a guide!

When to Hike in Norway

If you want to do the best hikes in Norway, you’d better arrive at the best time of year! The hiking season kicks off in spring and lasts until around October. Peak season (from mid-June to the end of July) is ideal hiking weather - temperatures average around 13°C to 18°C, sometimes going into the twenties. However, weather in the fjords is changeable, and it often feels like you're experiencing all four seasons in a few short days - sunny skies, sudden showers and snow on the mountains. Make sure you pack accordingly!

One certainty of visiting Norway in summer is that you get to experience the midnight sun, which means more hours on the trails. However, peak season draws a crowd. If you want a chance of the trails to yourself in summer, it’s best to hit the trails during weekdays instead of weekends.

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By autumn, you’ll find the paths pleasantly empty, as the leaves start to turn red and gold. Temperatures will drop slightly, but there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes for the weather, right? Out of season, there is snow and lots of it. Winter hiking in Norway is a wonderful experience - you'll get to truly immerse yourself in snowy wilderness. To cross the snow you will need to use snowshoes to distribute your weight - your guide will be able to show you how to use them.

The 15 Best Fjord Hikes in Norway

1. Preikestolen, Western Fjord Area

Two hikers on Preikstolen, the beautiful fjord in Norway.
Two hikers on Preikstolen. Photo: Getty

Distance: 8 kilometres

Walking Time: 3-4 hours

Vistas don’t get much more dramatic than this. Towering a dizzying 604 metres over the Lysefjord, Preikestolen (that’s Pulpit Rock in English) is an ancient mountain plateau. The plateau was formed by the expansion of ice thousands of years ago. Tourists first ventured here at the beginning of the 20th century and since then it has become one of Norway’s most famous landmarks, thanks to its sheer beauty and scale.

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Hiking to the vertigo-inducing, 25 by 25-metre ledge requires enough stamina to walk around 4km each way from Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. It takes most people around three or four hours to complete the trail.

The undulating path ascends 350 metres and has some wild swimming spots along the way – great if you need to cool off. Once you reach the top, you’ll see for yourself why this spot frequently features on lists of the world’s most spectacular viewing points - it offers uninterrupted views of the glassy waters and mountains of Lysefjord. End your hike back down in one of the chilly glacial pools at the base.

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Closest town: Forsand

2. Romsdalseggen Ridge, Isfjorden

A hiker in amongst the clouds on the Romsdalseggen ridge, a fjord in Norway.
In amongst the clouds on the Romsdalseggen ridge hike. Photo: Getty

Distance: 10 kilometres

Walking Time: 6-8 hours

Often touted as Norway’s greatest hike, the journey along Romsdalseggen Ridge is one not to be forgotten. You'll traverse this impressive rocky ridge towards its summit, taking in the sights of plunging waterfalls, glacial waters and craggy peaks. From the summit, you can watch the sunset over the Romsdal Mountains, Kongen, Dronninga and Store Trolltind in the distance.

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Start the hike at the bus stop and pass a fast-flowing river. The terrain flattens as you follow the trail past Jamnåbotn and up the steep mountainside towards Åndalsnes, here you will have a 360-degree view of your natural surroundings. For the rest of the hike you will be walking along the ridge of the fjord to the peak, so if you are scared of heights, don’t look down!

Closest town: Åndalsnes

3. Mount Skåla, Nordfjord

The view of Mount Skala, a beautiful place for hiking.
Mount Skåla, with clouds forming on the summit. Photo: Getty

Distance: 16 kilometres

Walking Time: 7-8 hours

You won’t find a longer uphill stretch in the whole of Norway than on this hike. Which is obviously a massive selling point, if you're a bit crazy like us. . There are 230 designated hiking trails along Mount Skåla, so you will definitely be spoilt for choice. We recommend taking the route up to the summit, which has an elevation of 1,848m.

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This hike starts beside the glassy Loenvatnet lake, passes along rough tractor tracks that wind their way up the mountain, and through thick Nordic forests (complete with wolves and reindeer). The path is well-marked, but some areas can be slippery underfoot. Some walkers elect to stay overnight at Skålatårnet, a hotel with a round tower at the top of the mountain.

Closest town: Loen

4. Trolltunga (aka The Devil's Tongue), Western Fjord Area

Trolltunga is one of the most iconic locations in all of Norway, with stunning views of the fjords.
We've all seen the pictures... but let's be honest, that's kind of why we want to go. Photo: Getty

Distance: 27 kilometres

Walking Time: 10-12 hours

Jutting out 700 metres above Lake Ringedal, this dramatic cliff is located deep in the fjord heartland, 170km east of Bergen. In English, the name translates as ‘Troll Tongue’. Legend has it that a cheeky troll didn’t believe he would turn to stone when he stuck his tongue out to make fun of the rising sun. This rock is also known as the Devil’s Tongue, although as anyone who’s studied mythical creatures knows: devils and trolls are not the same thing.

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The popularity of the hike to this ancient cliff has skyrocketed in recent years (thanks Instagram). The waymarked round-trip from Skjeggedal is now one of Norway’s most popular hiking trails. But be warned: this is not a mere walk in the park. On average, the route takes between 10 and 12 hours, with 1,000 metres of ascent.

The trail starts to the right of the disused Mågelibanen funicular railway, passes alongside the Ringedal dam, which can be deafening as the water crashes into the dam wall, and over sheer mountain potholes. Follow the red ‘T’ signs to keep to the route. You’ll get good views of Trolltunga along the way. It’s best to visit from mid-June until mid-September, when the snow has melted in the surrounding mountains. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, hiking to Trolltunga in the middle of winter is a great option.

Closest town: Skjeggedal

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5. Aurlandsdalen Valley, Sognefjord

The Aurlandsdalen Valley and Lake Vassbygdevatnet, a beautiful spot for hiking in Norway.
The Aurlandsdalen Valley and Lake Vassbygdevatnet. Photo: Getty

Distance: 16 kilometres

Walking Time: 5-6 hours

Once the main connection between east and west Norway, the Aurlandsdalen Valley is wild and rugged. It has securely cemented itself as one of Norway’s favourite hiking destinations. Many people choose to bike or hike across the whole valley, tracing the path of the Aurland River from the small settlement of Østerbø to Vassbygdi. It’s right up there with the best hikes in Norway.

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Start at the town of Østerbø and begin the hike. You will pass Nesbø farm, one of the oldest farms in Norway, that was founded in 1664; Nesbø lake with its clear waters; the steep rise over Bjørnestigen towards Vetlahelvete and the traditional colourful wooden buildings on Sinjarheim Farm.

Closest town: Aurland, Sogn

6. Hornelen, Fosseheimen

Mount Hornelen in Norway, sitting tall above the water.
Mount Hornelen in Norway. Photo: Smtunli

Distance: 12 kilometres

Walking Time: 8 hours

Hornelen is Europe’s tallest sea cliff, literally being battered by the sea’s rough waves as you hike. The winds are cold and strong, and it quite often rains along the North Sea coast, but the views of the rugged, windswept coastline are simply spectacular.

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Most hiking routes to Hornelen start from the trail head at Bremanger. You will pass narrow fjords, towering mountains and small islets being swamped by the sea as you progress along these routes. There are over 50 waterfalls along the Fjord coast too, giving the region the name Fosseheimen.

Closest town: Bremanger

7. Dronningstien, Hardangerfjord

An island in Hardangerfjord in the summer.
Island in Hardangerfjord in the summer. Photo: Getty

Distance: 15 kilometres

Walking Time: 4-6 hours

Dronningstien translates to 'the queen’s path' - it's known to be one of Queen Sonja's favourite hikes in Hardangar. It's not be confused with Dronningruta, ('the Queen’s Route), a hiking trail in the Vesterålen archipelago.

On this hike you will visit Lake Fitjadalsvanet, several summer pasture farms and countless flowing streams and rivers. Start the trail at the town of Øystese and progress through the varied landscape to the peak. The trail climbs up to 1,100 meters, with the Sørfjord (an inner branch of the Hardangerfjord) on one side, and Hardangervidda National Park on the other. You'll see the Folgefonna Glacier gleaming in the distance. Follow the marked trail and you will trace the edge of the volcanic crater overlooking Lake Fitjadalsvanet.

Closest town: Øystes

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8. Vidasethovden, Sognefjord

Aurlandsfjord, part of Sognefjord, which is the largest fjord in all of Norway.
Aurlandsfjord, part of Sognefjord. Photo: Getty

Distance: 9 kilometres

Walking Time: 4-5 hours

If we’re going by visitor happiness, the hike up Vidasethovden is one of the best hikes in Norway. At the summit (1,228m) you'll have a view of towering cliffs, small villages, mountains and glacial pools.

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The track starts in coniferous forest, near Lunde farm, and climbs steeply upwards. You'll follow the path up to the tree line along mountain creeks, passing through deciduous forest which is ablaze with colour in the autumn. At around 800m you'll pass a summer farm - from there, it's a steep climb up to the summit.

Closest town: Feios

9. Mount Hanguren, Hordaland

The View from Mount Hanguren, world famous for its clean drinking water which is marketed as Voss.
View from Mount Hanguren. Photo: Getty

Distance: 4 kilometres

Walking Time: 2-3 hours

Mount Hanguren is world-famous for its clean drinking waters marketed as Voss, but it is so much more than a water bottling area. Snow-capped peaks define the landscape and continuously catch your eye as you hike. Green pastures, mossy bogs and clean lakes are also in abundance here.

The hiking route begins in Voss town centre, past Voss church and the Folkemuseum, towards Mølster. A dirt and stone path leads you from the base of Hanguren right to the peak and, although steep, this is a trail for beginners. In just two hours you can savour the unrivalled views over Voss and the surrounding region.

Closest town: Voss

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10. Mount Fløyen, Hordaland

Views from the Mount Fløyen hike in Norway.
Views from the Mount Fløyen hike. Photo: Getty

Distance: 6 kilometres

Walking Time: 2-3 hours

Mount Fløyen is about more than just hiking one of the best hikes in Norway. If you choose this trail you can also savour the Norwegian tradition of wild lodge camping if you choose. You will not stray far from the town of Bergen, so there is no chance of getting lost here. (Please stop it, all of you who just said, "Challenge Accepted.")

Start at the funicular station and follow the marked road towards Blåmansveien. Follow the signposts left and walk past the unmissable domed rain shelter (you could stop here for a picnic) to the steps of Fløyvarden cairn – offering awesome views from 393 metres above sea level. From the cairn, walk through the forest and cross a small footbridge into a clearing high above Bergen.

Closest town: Bergen

11. Mount Ulriken, Byfjorden

Views back over Bergen from the Ulriken hiking path
Views back over Bergen from the Ulriken hiking path. Photo: Getty

Distance: 3.5 kilometres

Walking Time: 2 hours

This is the highest of Bergen’s mountains and certainly one from which to enjoy the panoramic views of one of Norway’s largest settlements. This is a perfect way to mingle with locals, as many choose to relax and escape from everyday stresses by hiking to the peak of Ulriken.

Start behind the cable car station at Ulriksbanen and follow the marked track. The track winds through the thick green forest, past traditional wooden houses and over small bridges. Pass the biking track and walk through the car park at Montana. Before you know it, you will come face to face with the endless natural views surrounding Bergen.

Closest town: Bergen

12. Rimstigen, Næroyfjord

The beautiful Næroyfjord, one of the most narrow and beautiful fjords in Norway.
The fjord-tastic Næroyfjord. Photo: Getty

Distance: 8 kilometres

Walking Time: 3-4 hours

Most people don’t even know about Næroyfjord - though it's got a good shout for being considered the most beautiful fjord in all of Norway. It genuinely is a hidden gem amongst the many fjords and mountain ranges that call Norway home. It's an UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site too, but ssssssh.

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To scale the mountains of the Næroyfjord you need to start in Bakka – there are no other settlements after that. The hike should take around one and half hours from base to peak, through verdant meadows, thick birch forests and small lakes. Although this is Norway’s smallest fjord, the views from the peak of Rimstigen (725m) are not to be missed. There's also the option to kayak further into the fjord though - from where you can summit some of the more central peaks. A guide is essential.

Closest town: Bakka

13. Urkeegga, Hjørundfjord

Classic mountain shapes plunging into the waters of Hjørundfjord
Classic mountain shapes plunging into the waters of Hjørundfjord. Photo: Getty

Distance: 10 kilometres

Walking Time: 5-6 hours

The Hjørundfjord takes the breath away of every hiker wise enough to choose this as their next adventure. The fjord cuts directly through the middle of a mountain, and legend suggests that it is the legacy of an arrow shot by St. Olav, with an arrow still standing to this day in a field in Standal.

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There are several hiking options in Hjørundfjord, including the ascent of Mount Slogen (1,564m) from Øye. We, however, recommend the circular Urkeegga hike. On this Norway day hike you'll follow a clearly demarcated path along the top of the fjord, summiting Klokkskollen (944m) and Maudekollon (1,021m) as you hike. Expect stunning views of the Sunnmøre Alps and the idyllic Hjørundfjord for much of the journey.

Closest town: Urke

14. Himakånå, Nedstrandsfjorden

A man stands on top of viewpoint Himakånå, looking out over the Norwegian Fjords
The moody heights of the little-known Himakånå. Photo: Getty.

Distance: 6 kilometres

Walking Time: 2-3 hours

Locals have always known about Himakånå, or “little Trolltunga” as it is commonly referred, but few visitors take the time to explore this fjord. And unlike the Trollrunga, there are very few pictures of it... mysterious. The area has its own unique microclimate, with oak and birch trees towering over the landscape, and unique rock formations dominating everything here.

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In just 2 hours, you can find yourself overlooking one of the most spectacular parts of Norway. Much like Trolltunga, the cliff hangs over a lake, and only the bravest will walk close to the edge! The hiking is not difficult here, gentle strolls through valleys, up winding paths, and over small streams.

Closest town: Sandvik

15. Langfoss Waterfall Hike, Åkrafjord

The Langfoss waterfall, from below.
The Langfoss waterfall, from below. Photo: Getty

Distance: 4 kilometres

Walking Time: 3-4 hours

Taking you to an altitude of 600 metres, and offering views of the Langfoss waterfall’s water spray, hiking to the peak of Åkrafjord is one of those experiences that will stay in the memory forever.

The old winding trail meanders through lush mountain pastures, through beautiful pine forests, and deep into the spray of the waterfall. You won’t see the waterfall as you ascend, but you will hear it thundering through the air and shaking the ground under your feet. The peak is rock lookout, a viewing spot overlooking the splendid Folgefonna glacier and the water tumbling down to Mosnes Valley.

Closest town: Langfoss

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