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With a serene network of fjords, remote archipelagos and expanses of Arctic tundra, the dramatic Norwegian wilderness awaits.

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Norway’s pleasant yet severe seasonal swing allows for adventures all year round.

Adventure holidays in Norway make use of its incredible nature and severe seasonal swing. During the long days of summer, kayak along the world-famous, glacier-carved fjords, float past salmon in plunging rivers or hike through forested plateaus in the surreal midnight sun.

As winter approaches, your Norway adventure holidays take a cooler turn. Listen to the Orcas off the coast of Senja, ski or dog-sled through the polar deserts of Svalbard, snowshoe on the creaking glaciers of the Arctic Circle or spot the dancing Northern Lights before settling down to a night in a Sami tent or an ice cave.

With our handpicked range of Norway adventure holidays, with the best local hosts, craft your own adventure through the home of ‘fresh-air living’.