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Hike, Bike, Canoe and Wild Camp in Your Home (Self-Guided)

Explore off the beaten track corridors and rooms rarely seen by tourists


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Adventures / Adventure Tapas

Hike, Bike, Canoe and Wild Camp in Your Home (Self-Guided)

Explore off the beaten track corridors and rooms rarely seen by tourists

3 Nights
Your Home
0 days off work
Up to 1 people
Your Front Door
Wild camping

This trip may prove incredibly mentally challenging for some.

Trek the Camino de Kitchen-Living Room, a legendary pilgrimage.

Take a detour to the bathroom. Canoe in the tub.

Mountain bike through your corridor, with stunning views of different rooms and an ever-changing landscape along the way.

Eyes peeled for local wildlife - your house/flatmate in their pyjamas, and a rare sighting of the uncatchable kitchen mouse.

Wild camp in the remarkable Living Room National Park, turning off and on the "big light" at your pleasure



This is a self-guided tour, meaning you - a native to the home with deep knowledge of the terrain - will be in charge.


3 Nights camping accommodation in a tent inside the Living Room National Park.


Whatever food you have in your cupboard.


Sadly mountain biking is only possible if you supply your own bike. Canoeing requires an inflatable canoe and a huge disregard for your own bathroom.


Entrance fee to the rarely seen cleaning cupboard covered.

Not Included

Some equipment

Personal expenses

Travel to and from the start point

Flights to and from the meeting point



Your Front Door



Your Front Door

I dunno, whenever you get bored?


Transfer yourself from your bed to your living room to begin.

Travel options

Foot is the most popular method of travel to get from bed to front door.

What about all the carbon?

We mitigate 4x the carbon generated by all our customer flights annually through our partnership with Cool Earth.

What is the food like?

The food is whatever you have managed to stockpile in your house.

What is the accommodation like?

Day 1-3

Wild camp in whatever tent you happen to own in the remarkable Living Room National Park, with nighttime views across the road; all the way into your neighbour’s home. The good news is that, even if your tent isn’t waterproof, however, your home does have a roof which should keep the rain out.


If things get particularly uncomfortable, or you have a moment of stern realisation or crisis about why you’re camping in your living room after catching sight of yourself in a mirror, the option remains to escape to your bed, and resume your regular life.

Day 1

Trek the Camino de Kitchen-Living Room and Wild Camp


30 seconds · 8 metres · 0m up · 0m down

An ancient trek that has been made for as long as your home has been inhabited. The legendary pilgrimage from the kitchen to living room is traditionally made after a meal has been cooked in the kitchen. Locals would cook their lunch or dinner, then take the trek while holding that meal, before settling down in front of the television in the main room to eat it while watching some sort of quiz show on Challenge. You will follow in the footsteps of these greats - but cook your own dinner at the campfire in the living room. Then wrap the night up by setting up your tent and camping in the vibrant, remarkable Living Room National Park.

Day 2

Hike to the Bathroom & Canoe in the Bathtub


10 mins · 0m · 0m up · 0m down

When we say we “off the beaten track”, we really mean it. So, you're going to take the Bedroom-Bathroom Way hike the long way round. Our route starts in the bedroom, where we will do a 15-minute yoga session. Then our hike goes past the bathroom, all the way to that cupboard that you use for storage and rarely open. The one with the hoover in it. After leaving a bit of time for selfies for the 'gram, it’s a backtrack to the beautiful bathroom. There, you’ll see sights like the sink, the shower, and the bathtub, where you’ll do a stationary canoe - great for those that love water!

Next, we’ll make our way to the rarely visited Cleaning Drawer beneath the kitchen sink. Some locals don’t even know this exists, but you’ll get to see it up close before it’s back to Living Room National Park for another night of wild camping.

Day 3

Mountain Bike the Corridors & Final Night Wild Camping


4 seconds · 10 metres · 0m up · 0m down

The muscles are no doubt going to be tired today after a full day of trekking and canoeing yesterday, so today it’s off the feet and onto the pedals. We’re going to cycle through the Casa del Your Corridor; with beautiful views of either wall and the surrounding rooms. You should be careful not to fall off in this terrain, as that would be particularly painful. Remember your helmet. Then, after a radical day on the trails, it’s time for your final night of camping in Living Room National Park.

Please Note

All our adventures take place in wild places. Things can go wrong in wild places. Your perfectly planned itinerary may change a bit (or a lot) if the weather turns, someone gets hurt, or a volcano erupts. Usually though, changes make it all the better.

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What's included?

  • The Bathtub
  • The Blueprints to your home, containing detailed maps.
  • Unbelievable views of the street you live on.

What's available to hire?

  • Any stuff that your flatmate has

What do I need to bring?

  • Mountain bike
  • Tent
  • Swimming Trunks
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Mat
  • Appropriate Clothes

Yes, of course it is. Come on now. FAQs are for SERIOUS questions.

If you can walk from your bedroom to your kitchen and back again, you're probably fit enough to take this trip.

Sure can! Over 50% of our travellers travel solo, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people. Which you won't do on this trip, since it's in your flat.

Come on now. Drink from your tap.

Irrelevant. You'll be under a roof.

Sure can! How about in your bedroom? Or a cupboard?

The government currently actively recommends staying in your flat at the moment. So really, this is ideal.


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