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Sea Kayak and Wild Camp in Menorca

An epic mini-adventure paddling to secluded coves, swimming in the Mediterranean and wild camping on deserted beaches


Trip Ref #10442

Sea Kayak and Wild Camp in Menorca

An epic mini-adventure paddling to secluded coves, swimming in the Mediterranean and wild camping on deserted beaches


3 nights




2 days off work




Up to 8 people


Menorca Airport



Wild camping



Based on 29 reviews


While some sea kayaking experience is preferred, it is not essential, but you will need a good level of fitness

Pack in 100km of coastal kayaking over four incredible days, discovering spots off the beaten track often only accessible by sea

Paddle to hidden coves and sea caves on two different tailored routes, heading either north or south to find the best sea conditions

Wild swim and snorkel in turquoise waters, relax on idyllic beaches and bivvy on the sand beneath the stars

Day 1

Explore the coast


4-5hrs · 20-25km

Meet your guide at your hotel in Mahón and head to the starting point in Cala Sant Esteve. After a quick briefing, it’s time to get into the water. You’ll paddle north or south (depending on conditions) and explore the coast before finding a secluded cove for a picnic lunch, swim and snorkel. Paddle further along the coast in the afternoon, eventually finding a small beach where you’ll set up your bivouac for the night - either at Cala Biniparratx in the south or Arenal de Mongofre in the north.

Day 2

Hidden coves


4-5hrs · 20-25km

Wake up on your idyllic beach spot, grab breakfast, swim, break down camp and hit the water again. If you're on the south coast you’ll paddle past limestone cliffs and explore concealed caves that are only accessible by sea, stopping for lunch in Cales Coves, an ancient necropolis. You'll paddle along two of the largest beaches on the island, Son Bou with its lovely, transparent waters and Binigaus, where you'll spend the night.

If you have headed north you'll kayak to remote islets and the oldest rocks of the island before stopping for lunch in the cove of Cala en Turqueta. Spend the afternoon paddling past the cliffs and caves of La Mola de Fornells and tackle the crossing to Cap de Cavalleria. You’ll set up camp at Cala Cavalleria, known for its crystal water, perfect for a sunset swim before dinner and another night bivvying on the beach.

Day 3

Idyllic beaches


4-5hrs · 20-25km

Wake, swim, eat, paddle, repeat! In the south you'll delve deeper into Menorca’s off-the-beaten-track locations, discover beaches at Fustam, Trebalúger and Mitjana and paddle into caves before finding a good spot for lunch. In the afternoon a light paddle takes you to the pearl of the island, Macarelleta where you'll spend the night.

On the north coast, you’ll discover the jewel beaches of Binimel·là and Pregonda and swim in the seagrass meadows before settling in for lunch at Cala del Pilar - a beautiful and rugged cove. In the afternoon you’ll paddle onto Cala Algaiarens (a quiet beach surrounded by scenic cliffs) to set up camp and enjoy the night sky.

Day 4

One last paddle


4-5hrs · 20-25km

Kick off the final day of the adventure with a swim at two of the clearest water beaches on the island, Macarelleta in the south and Algaiarens in the north. Grab coffee and breakfast before hitting the water for the last day of paddling. Explore the caves beneath the highest cliffs on the north coast in Cala Morell, while in the south you'll paddle towards Son Saura for a swim and lunch on the beach before reaching the finish line at Son Xoriguer. Whether you finish up in the north or the south, your guide will transfer you back to Menorca Airport in the late afternoon in time for your onward flight, or at your accommodation in Mahón if you are staying on longer in Menorca.



Experienced, English-speaking guide


3 nights wild camping on beaches


Munch on tasty local food throughout


To and from your hotel or back to the airport afterwards


All your kayaking and camping equipment

Not Included

Flights to and from the meeting point

Travel insurance

Personal expenses

Visas where required

Day 1

Wild camping · Tarp




Day 2 – Day 3

Wild camping · Tarp




Day 4




What is the food like?

Expect tasty, homemade meals cooked by your guides on the beach. Breakfast will include coffee or tea, bread, marmalade, ham, cheese, fruit and muesli. Lunch will be bread, fruit, rice or pasta salads, while dinner will be pasta or rice-based dishes. Your host can cater to vegetarian and gluten-free diets, just let them know beforehand.

What is the accommodation like?


You’ll stay on a different, remote beach every night with just the stars and your fellow kayakers for company. You'll wake up to the sounds of the sea, watch the sun rise from your bivouac, roll out of your sleeping bag and jump straight into the water. Large tarp covers are provided if you would like to sleep under one, with each tarp wide enough for 4 people. Your hosts will provide all the groceries and logistical support needed to complete the expedition successfully. As this is really wild camping there are no facilities available - we advise bringing biodegradable soap to wash in the sea and to be comfortable enough with finding wild toilet spots. Your host will advise you where the best place to 'visit' is.

The Area




Your accommodation in Mahón

09:30 on Day 1


Menorca Airport or Mahón town centre

16:30 on Day 4


Your host suggests arriving the day before the start of the trip and spending the night at a hotel in the small town of Mahón (a 10-minute drive by taxi from Menorca Airport) from where you'll be picked up the following day. At the end of your adventure, you will be dropped back in Mahón town centre or at Menorca Airport (MAH).

Travel options

There are regular flights to Menorca (MAH) from airports across Europe. You’re free to book any flight that departs Menorca after 18:30 on Day 4 if you are flying directly home.

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What's included?

  • Fully equipped kayak (Zegul)
  • Personal flotation device (Astral)
  • Sprayskirt (Reed)
  • Paddle (Werner Camano)
  • 2 waterproof bags for personal use during the trip (20l) (Egalis and Seal Line)
  • Overnight equipment for the group (MSR awnings and Thermarest inflatable mattresses)
  • Toilet kit (toilet paper, biodegradable bags to carry paper out to dispose of)
  • Energy bars and snacks

What do I need to bring?


  • Lightweight trousers/shorts/skirts
  • T-shirts
  • Underwear & socks
  • Swimming costume
  • Warm clothes for the evening
  • Water shoes/jelly shoes/thin neoprene boots
  • Trainers


  • Sleeping bag - 3 seasons
  • Cotton or silk sleeping bag liner (optional)
  • lightweight inflatable travel pillow


  • Lightweight packable towel
  • Universal travel plug adapter
  • Power bank or solar charger
  • Passports (and visas)
  • Travel Insurance documents
  • Ear plugs
  • Insect repellant
  • Suncream
  • Personal first-aid kit (inc. blister treatment and seasickness tablets if needed)
  • Personal items (biodegradable toiletries, sanitary wear etc)
  • Alcohol hand-gel
  • Headtorch or torch
  • Reusable water bottle (1 litre)

Sleeping Bag hire (3 nights)

Payable Before Departure

Sleeping Bag hire (3 nights)

Per Person

- Teresa(September 2023)

This was a really great experience! We kayaked the south coast of the island and saw many beautiful beaches and caves along the way. We snorkelled at every opportunity and loved it.

The hosts, Lucas and Miguel, were super friendly and fun to be with! They were really knowledgeable and clearly cared a great deal about the island. They were also very good cooks!

You could tell how much careful planning and experience went into the organisation of the trip. Many thanks to Lucas, Miguel & the team for the experience!

- Joe(August 2023)

Trip was fantastic from start to finish. Our guides Lucas and Miguel were very knowledgeable of the island and couldn’t do enough for us to make sure the trip was perfect. Highly recommended! Joe paul and Andrew

- Hannah(June 2023)

The kayaking trip was great overall; you get to see some amazing beaches and wildlife! We kayaked for around 7 hours on the second day but less on the 3rd and 4th as the weather was turning so we needed to make headway early on.

Kit wise - we overpacked! You get 2 waterproof bags that need to accommodate your sleeping bag, pillow etc. the one thing we lived in was our rash vests and I couldn’t recommend them more for this trip to protect against the sun. But really you only need swim stuff, a couple of pairs of shorts and T-shirts and maybe one pair of trousers and hoodie. Be prepared not to wash, the hosts are understandably very eco friendly and so we weren’t to use anything in the ocean that would cause harm - I definitely didn’t need shampoo and shower gel that I took but a few swims a day helped us to feel somewhat fresh.

Sleep:- we slept great most nights as we were just exhausted by the long days but I would bring ear plugs next time.

Food:- all food is carried on board the kayaks, breakfast is bread and jams etc and lunch usually some cheese and salad. Dinner was either pasta or cous cous. I’ll be honest we were hungry! Dinner could be prepped for around 10pm at times so be mindful if like me and my partner you’re a regular eater! We’ve done other trips on this website where the food was much better, however, keeping in mind they transported it all for the four days they did well with the resources they had.

Beaches and coves - we visited lots of different ones, the max stretch of kayaking you’ll do is around 2 hours before you stop and we went in lots of caves on the way. At times you are on a beach for a few hours whilst the hosts rest or prep food so at times it did feel too long in the baking heat and often we all huddled for shade but you can always swim or snorkel.

The last day is a long one, lots of hanging around - we landed at midday and weren’t back at our hotel until 6 which we weren’t expecting, you land in essentially a beach resort so we all went for a drink and lunch. The hosts prep lunch on that last day too which again was a salad but really wasn’t needed and we were all eager to get either to the airport or our hotel to shower!

Overall, a really good trip and I would recommend. The above is really just a break down of what I wished we’d have known prior to going not a criticism.

- Tong(June 2023)

A truly magical expedition. We explored stunning caves and coves, slept on beautiful remote beaches under the stars and had a lot of fun as a group. Our guides Lucas and Miguel were fantastic - took complete care of us from kayak training and instructions to finding us beautiful sights to making tasty and nutritious meals for us. They were friendly, patient and fun to talk to and hang out with - as were the rest of the group. There were 6 in our group - as a solo traveller I was a little anxious about what the group would be like, but I needn't have worried. There was one other solo traveller, a couple and two friends. We all got on well as a group - shared meals, drinks and walks together, helped each other out with kit etc, but were also happy to enjoy our own thing now and then. The kayaking itself was physically challenging (they are not lying when they say you need to be relatively fit to do this!) but an absolutely beautiful way to explore the coastline and felt very rewarding. Overall I can't recommend this trip enough!

- Andrea(June 2023)

I was a total beginner to kayaking and this trip helped me discover a new found hobby! We explored some beautiful coves on the South Coast and the wild camping was awesome! I joined as a solo traveller and was in a fab group. I felt very safe with Lucas and Miguel. They are both excellent guides. We covered a lot of distance in this trip and it was great to experience the famous Mediterranean swells, wind and waves! My advice, just keep paddling!

- Irene(May 2023)

An incredibly beautiful island and an amazing way to discover it. The weather wasnt the best but the guides made the most of our time there with alternative kayaking routes and visits.

- Marc(May 2023)

Kayaking was an amazing way to see the stunning Southern coast of Menorca. We paddled in azure blue waters, paddled in hidden caves and swam in the glittering sea. The food was great - nutritious and plentiful and Lucas did an amazing job of providing food for a range of dietary requirements on a tiny camping stove and a couple of pots! You definitely need to be reasonably fit to do this trip and have good upper arm strength - if you're paddling against a head wind and the waves are choppy, it's hard work. Such a sense of achievement at the end though and that first cold beer tasted like golden nectar! A fantastic few days.

- Craig(May 2023)

In the picturesque island of Menorca, where azure waters meet golden shores, there dwelled a man named Pablo. Pablo was no ordinary islander; he was a legend in his own right. With his weathered face and salt-kissed hair, he embarked on extraordinary journeys that left locals and visitors in awe.

Armed with his trusty rented SIT-ON-TOP KAYAK, Pablo possessed a unique skill that set him apart from any other kayaker – he had mastered the ability to kayak around the island in RECORD TIME with nothing but a BACKWARDS PADDLE and a bottle of water.

With every stroke, he maneuvered his kayak with incredible grace, gliding effortlessly through the shimmering waters. It was as if the kayak and he were one, moving in perfect harmony with the ebb and flow of the tides.

People marvelled at his skill and wondered how he had acquired such a talent. Some believed it to be a secret passed down through generations, while others thought it was a gift bestowed upon him by the sea itself.

It has been said that the spirit of Pablo still circles the island to this day, mocking professional kayakers with his natural ability and record breaking speed.

- Christian(September 2022)

The expedition was outstanding – sea kayaking in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea really is something special. This trip was my first time in the Balearics, and the Menorcan coastline was stunning. We bobbed up and down in the sea swells, darted in and out of hidden caves and rested in quiet coves – there was plenty of beach time. The guides saw us through the changeable conditions, prepared wonderful food for us, and provided the friendliest and warmest energy you could hope for on a group expedition. I came back home energised, and rested at the same time. So if you’re looking for a new adventure, have a decent level of fitness and you respect the sea, then this trip is for you.

- Sian(September 2022)

If you’re considering this trip go ahead and book it!! The local guides are brilliant. Lucas and Emi made the trip and couldn’t have been more enthusiastic and knowledgable. Kayaking around the caves and little bays was brilliant, as was sleeping on the beaches under the most amazing sunsets and stars. The guides took time on the first morning to do a little skills session and some capsize drills so everyone felt comfortable. There was some good swell and winds on our trip which made some of the paddling challenging but with a good level of fitness it wasn’t beyond the group level. Safety is paramount for these guys! Due to storms we couldn’t paddle on our final day but Lucas instead took us on a tour to the north of the island to some viewpoints, a lighthouse and a nature reserve where we saw wild turtles! What could have been a disappointment turned into a really brilliant and interesting alternate day and you can’t help but get caught up in Lucas enthusiasm for the island.

We've crunched the numbers to work out the total carbon footprint of this trip, and plant enough trees to suck 2x as much back out the atmosphere.

What's the number?
It works out on average at 33kg of CO2 emissions per person, including all local transport, accommodation, food, activities, guides, staff and office operations.

The only thing it doesn’t include right now is flights and travel to the destination. We do make an overall estimate across all our customers separately, but as we don’t book flights, have customers from all corners of the world, and no way of reliably knowing their travel plans, we simply can’t include an individual number in the figure on display here. We’ve got a goal for 2023 to fix that, so that when you book, there is a way to measure and mitigate the carbon emitted by your flight too.

But what does the number mean?
Yep, hard to picture eh? To give you an idea:

  • Driving 1000miles/1609km would be approx. 281kg of CO2 in an average car (or 140.5kg per person if there was 2 of you in it).
  • A return economy class flight London - New York would be approx. 1,619kg (1.66 tonnes) per person.
  • 10 trees in a temperate forest are estimated to remove approx. 250kg of CO2 from the air in a period of 5-10 years.

What are we doing about it?
Our trips are relatively low-carbon by design, and we're working with all our hosts to develop long term carbon reduction plans. For every person booked with us since 2016 we’re planting enough trees to suck at least 2x more carbon out the atmosphere than is emitted by their trips. All native trees, as part of amazing projects that are re-foresting degraded land, tackling the biodiversity crisis and supporting local communities at the same time. We go further than that too, also funding re-wilding projects worldwide to help protect important keystone species from extinction. See the reforestation and re-wilding schemes we support. See our carbon action plan.

Want to know more?
Amazingly, no international travel company has ever publicly published their carbon measurements before, as far as we know. We believe that must change, quickly. So we’re openly sharing the method we used in the hope that other companies will be able to more easily follow suit and build on what we've done so far. You'll find it all here.

There are two potential routes for the trip - and you won't know which one you are doing until you arrive in Menorca. The north and south coasts are two different sides of the same island - geography, geology and landscape have defined both coasts with their own personality and features. The remote north coast with its wild and pristine landscape full of endemic flora, marine diversity and Posidonia meadows - this is the place to be away from the crowds and feel the authentic Mediterranean. The south is a Mediterranean paradise, with white limestone cliffs and crystal waters, sea caves only reachable by kayak, shade offered by the pinewoods in the ravines and the shelter of the coves on windy days.

The wind, the sea conditions and the weather forecast will dictate which coast you set off paddling towards on Day 1. The trip will be adapted by your guide to be safe, comfortable and to bring the most valuable and unique experience while paddling in the Biosphere Reserve of Menorca.

You’ll need good physical fitness and be able to paddle for long distances each day. Your guide will offer paddling and safety instruction and while some sea kayaking experience is definitely preferred, it is not essential.

Sure can! Over 70% of our travellers travel solo, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

The tap water in Menorca is safe to drink. Your guide will provide all food and water on the adventure, so everything is covered for you.

Menorca has a typically Mediterranean climate and is usually lovely and warm. Average maximum temperatures for May-June are 22-26°C (71-79°F) while July and August are the hottest months to visit with average highs of 28-30°C (82-86°F). Sea temperatures in Menorca are perfect for kayaking, swimming and snorkelling. The sea warms up from May-June reaching 17-19°C (62-66°F), rising to 24°C (75°F) by the hottest months of July and August.

Absolutely. Anything you don't need on the journey can be left with your local host and will be kept safe until the end of your trip.

For current advice about travelling in Spain, have a read of the UK Foreign Office pages here.

Our recommended travel insurance provider is Campbell Irvine.

Travel insurance is compulsory for all of our adventures and you are required to provide your policy information before departing.

Your insurance should include adequate protection for overseas medical treatment, evacuation/repatriation, your baggage and equipment and the specific activities involved on your adventure. We also strongly recommend it includes cancellation and curtailment insurance, should you be unable to join your trip for specific reasons such as illness.

We fully endorse Campbell Irvine as their insurance offers all of the above, so get in touch with them or call on 020 7938 1734 to get your insurance sorted. We suggest that you book travel insurance as soon as you book your adventure, just to cover you for any last-minute life changes. We know you’re an active lot and injuries do happen!

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