Adventures / Kayak Journeys

Kayak and Wild Camp Sweden's West Coast Archipelago: Self-Guided

Explore the uninhabited islands and rocky coast of Bohuslän, one of Europe’s most beautiful areas for sea kayaking

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Adventures / Kayak Journeys

Kayak and Wild Camp Sweden's West Coast Archipelago: Self-Guided

Explore the uninhabited islands and rocky coast of Bohuslän, one of Europe’s most beautiful areas for sea kayaking


3 nights




2 days off work


Up to 12 people


Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport, Sweden


Wild camping



No previous kayaking experience is needed and each day you'll choose your own pace and distance to cover.

Kayak the Bohuslän archipelago - 8,000 wild and mostly uninhabited islands - swimming in hidden coves and cooking on an open fire as you journey at your own speed

Navigate your way from the sheltered, inner islands to the rocky outer archipelago and wild camp in remote and deserted locations

Pick your own date! If you don't see one that suits you, it's likely we can still do it so just drop us a line and we'll make it work

What's it like?

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    Allison, July 2019

    Everything was great, from start to finish. We were given everything we needed, the information provided was really useful and Darren was really helpful.

    Ali, June 2019

    From the moment we booked with Much Better Adventures, to the moment hosts dropped us back at the airport everything was perfect! It was made so easy for us to have a relaxing and enjoyable time - absolutely everything but the flights was sorted for us, and the communication from MBA and hosts were very helpful to ensure we knew exactly what was going on. We had an amazing adventure exploring nature, and I can't wait to book the next one.

    Orene, June 2019

    The attention to detail was immaculate; every eventuality was accounted for from the door-to-door transport to the washing up liquid and food list!!! Joanna was incredibly prompt and helpful with all enquiries and Darren was amazing. Of note, safety was clearly important to the hosts and the detailed adventure guide covering all aspects imaginable, including the emergency mobile, were very much appreciated. The location, route and recommended trails were brilliant.

    Katy, May 2019

    Darren was very friendly and helpful. The equipment was great. The guidebook and maps were useful. Overall we really enjoyed it.

    Joseph, May 2019

    Everything was great.

    David, May 2019

    The equipment provided was excellent.

    Ian, August 2018

    The transport from our BnB to the coast and back made this trip very easy. The adventure we had kayaking was unforgettable!

    Evan, August 2018

    Stunning coastline, excellent quality gear, personable and helpful hosts, impeccable communication.

    Kate, August 2018

    The scenery was great, the equipment, the maps, the recommendations, having food bought and ready to go for us, the freedom to do our own thing, the wildlife, the swimming...

    Joseph, July 2018

    Everything was very well organised and easy to arrange. The pick up was really easy and we were on the water in no time. With loads of different suggested routes as well as various points where you can be picked up after your trip it couldn't have been more convenient. And that is before I even get on to the natural beauty of the islands which were stunning! Would definitely recommend this trip to anyone.



    3 nights wild-camping on deserted islands


    To and from Gothenburg


    All your safety and navigation equipment

    Not Included

    Travel to and from the start point

    Travel insurance

    Personal expenses

    The Area




    Gothenburg City or Airport



    Gothenburg City or Airport



    You'll be picked up from either Gothenburg centre or the aiport, just let your host know where you would like collecting from. You'll be dropped back to the airport at 16:30 so please book any flight departing after 18:30.

    Travel options

    There are regular flights to Gothenburg from airports across the UK and Europe.

    What is the food like?

    After booking you'll be sent a food list. Select what you want and pre-pay for it at the same price as in the supermarket. Included on the list will be a range of foods that cater to most dietary requirements. If you have any special requests, let your host know in advance and they will do their best to accommodate them.

    What is the accommodation like?


    Thanks to Sweden's right to public access you can set up camp on any island you wish. High quality tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and cooking equipment are all provided.

    Day 1

    The adventure begins

    Head to the launch point in Bohuslän and ready your kayak and camping equipment. After a safety and navigation briefing and some help drawing up the best route, the adventure is now yours. Enjoy the long, Swedish summer days as you explore this beautiful chain of islands, then find your own piece of paradise and set up camp for the night. Relax by the fire, unwind and admire the sunset glistening on the crystal-clear water.

    Day 2

    Move at your own speed

    Get the fire going, cook breakfast and then head deeper into this coastal wilderness. Move at your own pace as you head for the outer islands, or one of the picturesque fishing villages that dot the area - the day is yours so spend it as you wish. After gliding through the still waters, find your next camping spot on one of the countless deserted islands and cook up an evening meal as the stars come out.

    Day 3

    Continue exploring

    Start when you want, take a morning swim and then continue exploring the archipelago. Glide from island to island, fish for tonight’s dinner and then find a suitably secluded spot for the night, Enjoy a last evening in Bohuslän, complete with a spectacular sunset before bedding down for the night.

    Day 4

    Return to the mainland

    Break camp one last time and head for your pre-determined pick-up point – luckily there’s no rush so you can take a slow journey through this majestic terrain one last time. Meet up with your host and head back to the city or the airport in time for your flight home.

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    What's included?

    • Double kayak (1 per 2 people)
    • Paddle
    • Spray deck
    • Life jacket
    • Tent (1 per 2 people)
    • Sleeping bag
    • Sleeping mat
    • Torch
    • First aid kit (1 per group)
    • Water pump
    • Dry bag
    • Rope
    • Compass (1 per group)
    • Map (1 per group)
    • Customised guide book
    • Mobile phone (1 per group),
    • Gas stove and fuel (1 per 2 people)
    • Lighters
    • Cooking and eating utensils
    • Water containers x 5 ltr

    What do I need to bring?

    • Shorts & t-shirts
    • Trousers & warm jumper
    • Neoprene water shoes or boots
    • Swimsuit & towel
    • Sun cap & warm hat
    • Waterproof gloves
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreen & toiletries
    • Camera

    No optional extras are available for this trip.

    We've crunched the numbers to work out the total carbon footprint of this trip, and plant enough trees to suck 2x as much back out the atmosphere.

    What's the number?
    It works out on average at 48kg of CO2 emissions per person, including all local transport, accommodation, food, activities, guides, staff and office operations.

    The only thing it doesn’t include right now is flights and travel to the destination. We do make an overall estimate across all our customers separately, but as we don’t book flights, have customers from all corners of the world, and no way of reliably knowing their travel plans, we simply can’t include an individual number in the figure on display here. We’ve got a goal for 2022 to fix that, so that when you book, there is a way to measure and mitigate the carbon emitted by your flight too.

    But what does the number mean?
    Yep, hard to picture eh? To give you an idea:

    • Driving 1000miles/1609km would be approx. 281kg of CO2 in an average car (or 140.5kg per person if there was 2 of you in it).
    • A return economy class flight London - New York would be approx. 1,619kg (1.66 tonnes) per person.
    • 10 trees in a temperate forest are estimated to remove approx. 250kg of CO2 from the air in a period of 5-10 years.

    What are we doing about it?
    Our trips are relatively low-carbon by design, and we're working with all our hosts to develop long term carbon reduction plans. For every person booked with us since 2016 we’re planting enough trees to suck at least 2x more carbon out the atmosphere than is emitted by their trips. All native trees, as part of amazing projects that are re-foresting degraded land, tackling the biodiversity crisis and supporting local communities at the same time. We go further than that too, also funding re-wilding projects worldwide to help protect important keystone species from extinction. See the reforestation and re-wilding schemes we support. See our carbon action plan.

    Want to know more?
    Amazingly, no international travel company has ever publicly published their carbon measurements before, as far as we know. We believe that must change, quickly. So we’re openly sharing the method we used in the hope that other companies will be able to more easily follow suit and build on what we've done so far. You'll find it all here.

    No previous kayaking experience is needed and each day you'll choose your own pace and how much distance you want to cover.

    Afraid that the minimum group size for this self-guided trip is 2 people to ensure safety at all times.

    Your host will suggest a route and you'll also receive a booklet with recommended sights and camping places but really, the adventure is yours to explore and do with as you please

    Your host in Sweden runs this trip a few times a week so if you don't see a date that suits you, drop us a line and we'll see if we can make a new date work for you.

    Your host will load the kayak with plenty of water to drink and to cook with. Your map will also show fishing villages and refill points are plentiful.

    We tend to use double kayaks which are very stable and the water around Bohuslän is mostly sheltered and calm. You will also be wearing a life jacket, so if you do fall in, it’s just matter of pulling yourself back aboard.

    Your host will provide you with a mobile phone so you can contact them if you need to. There will also be other numbers pre-programmed in the unlikely event of a more serious emergency.

    May to mid-June: This far north, it hardly gets dark at night. Midsummer falls on a Friday around June 20 to mark the summer solstice.You might also wake to a springtime frost which soon melts away when the sun rises above the horizon.

    Late June to mid-August: During the prime summer months, temperatures can hit 25c, occasionally edging up towards 30c. This is when the Bohuslän Coast comes into its own and the fishing villages fill with tourists. The Swedish summer is characterised by seemingly endless days and nights - perfect for some late evening kayaking.

    Late-August to mid-September: The days have started to cool but the sea is still warm enough to enjoy an evening swim. You'll also get slightly more predictable and calmer weather. Sunsets are at their best and the final rays lighting the pink Bohuslän granite is a sight that you'll remember forever.

    Your host will happily store your bags for you while you are kayaking.

    Cheap & Cheerful

    • Spoton Hostel & Sportsbar
    • Le Mat B&B Göteborg City

    Mid Price & Central

    • Hotel Opera
    • Hotel Royal
    • Scandic Rubinen
    • STF City Hotel


    • Clarion Hotel Post
    • Gothia Towers

    Close to the Airport

    • Landvetter BnB

    Our recommended travel insurance provider is Campbell Irvine.

    Travel insurance is compulsory on all of our adventures. Your insurance should include adequate protection for overseas medical treatment, evacuation/repatriation, your baggage and equipment and the specific activities involved on your adventure.

    Your insurance policy should also include specific Covid-19 cover, including cancellation and curtailment cover if you, your travel companion or a close relative are diagnosed with Covid-19.

    We fully endorse Campbell Irvine as their insurance offers all of the above, so get in touch with them or call on 020 7938 1734 to get your insurance sorted. We suggest that you book travel insurance as soon as you book your adventure, just to cover you for any last minute life changes. We know you’re an active lot and injuries do happen!

    We automatically convert prices from the local currency that a host receives to your chosen currency. We update our exchange rates on a daily basis so this does mean that prices displayed on the site are subject to currency fluctuations, which is why you may see them change over time.

    If you wish to change the currency you pay in, head to the bottom of the page.

    All of our group adventures are specially designed for adults to enjoy (18+) as we want these adventures to bring together outdoorsy people who are truly like-minded. Children can be accommodated on some private departures.

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    Your trip is led by carefully curated local hosts and expert guides. See here for more info about the guides we work with.

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