Mini one-nighters in remote places. Minimal time. Maximum adventure.

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Going on an adventure doesn’t mean you need to go on an all-out expedition. Modern-day living doesn’t tend to lend itself to many of those, and unless you quit your job and run to the hills, it's likely you just won’t find the time.

A microadventure, on the other hand, can fit in around normal life, it’s the espresso shot of adventure, ideal for perking you up and keeping you going until the next big one comes around.

This collection does exactly that. They are by no means a lesser adventure, just mini doses of the good stuff, and designed to fit into a weekend so you don’t have to mess with your precious annual leave.

These one-nighters take care of all the tomfaffery. All you have to do is show up with a head for adventure, revelling in the knowledge that you could do it all again next week.