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Witness rare wildlife and keystone species, including wolves, bears and bison, while supporting critical rewilding projects.

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Can you really make the world a wilder place just by going on an outdoor adventure? Well yes actually, as it turns out, big time.

Our collection of Rewilding Adventures are for those budding Attenboroughs amongst you who dream of the chance to encounter rare wildlife in wild places. They'll take you wolf tracking in the Italian interior, learning all about Marsican brown bears in the Central Apennines, tracking moose in the Swedish forests and visiting bison in Romania.

Think of these as adventurous safaris. You'll be hiking, snowshoeing, foraging, torchlight tracking, and wild swimming whilst resting up in incredible wild-camp spots, secluded cabins, mountain refuges, safari-style camps and family-run guesthouses.

Each trip is led by expert rewilding guides and specialist wildlife trackers and directly supports the rewilding of keystone species and critical conservation efforts in Europe in collaboration with Wild Sweden, The European Safari Company and Rewilding Europe.

A collaboration with Rewilding Europe

Rewilding Europe is a non-profit organisation based in The Netherlands, working to create rewilded landscapes in at least 10 different regions across Europe.

A key part of their movement involves creating sustainable ecotourism opportunities via The European Safari Company.

Read our interview with them to learn more.

Every booking makes good things happen

Our core mission at Much Better Adventures is to protect the world’s wild places, one adventure at a time.

One of our routes to achieving that goal is channelling 5% of revenues, not profits, into our Foundation, which primarily supports conservation, reforestation and rewilding projects.

Read more about our model and mission to build the world’s most positive impact adventure company.