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Remote trails, subterranean caves and glassy lakes await in Slovakia’s mountainous wilderness.

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Hike the Tatras Mountains, swim in Palcmanska Masa lake and descend into the depths of Dobšinská Ice Cave.

In summer, explore almost 2km of stalactite lined limestone caves at Belianska Cave in the Carpathian Mountains. Hike up to 300km through lush gorges, past crashing falls and over gaping ravines in the Slovak Paradise National Park and paddle along the Danube, Slovakia’s largest river.

In winter, whistle down off-piste slopes, snowshoe through towering pines and track bears in the Low Tatras mountains. After a day of sub-zero temperatures, turn up the heat with a soak in the Bešeňová thermal pools, which hit top temperatures of 40°C.

With our local hosts and handpicked itineraries, craft your own adventure in this unexplored, inexpensive paradise.

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