Kayaking and Wild Camping

Access little visited areas and camp under the stars.

Kayak and explore the wild

Welcome to our handcrafted range of unique kayaking and wild camping trips - all run by handpicked local guides in beautiful destinations around Europe.

These adventures unlock access to the least visited spots of fjords, archipelagos and mountain valleys, with a night or two under the stars.

Forget complex planning, we've taken care of all the details so you can relax and switch off. You won't need any equipment or kayaking experience, just reasonable fitness and a sense of adventure.

So, book a private group for you and your mates, or join other like-minded adventurers on our preset dates. Then head back home with a pocket full of amazing photos and some great memories.

What to expect

  • Unique, handcrafted itineraries
  • Expert local guides and hosts
  • Hassle-free packages
  • Private trips or join social groups

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