Adventures / Kayak Journeys

100km Expedition in Greenland

Hike and kayak this remote, icy wilderness on a self-powered Arctic adventure like no other


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Adventures / Kayak Journeys

100km Expedition in Greenland

Hike and kayak this remote, icy wilderness on a self-powered Arctic adventure like no other


7 nights




6 days off work




Up to 12 people


Reykjavik Airport, Iceland


Hostel · Wild camping



This trip has been planned so that anyone with reasonable fitness can participate.

Power through never-ending Arctic summer days as you paddle and stomp across unspoilt wilderness

Kayak amongst the looming icebergs of the Greenlandic fjords - eyes peeled for seals, caribou and whales

Hike across the craggy Qaleralig glacier, with the creak of ancient ice underfoot

Deemed a ‘Life-Changing Adventure' by The Telegraph

What's it like?

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    Denise, August 2022

    Greenland is a magical place. Surreal experience kayaking amongst Icebergs. Highly recommended.

    Hannah, August 2022

    Absolutely fantastic trip. The inspiring and hard working guide Daniella made the experience even more incredible. The highlights were seeing the Northern lights, glacier walking, and whale watching, but really every part of the trip was amazing. I would highly recommend this to anybody who is thinking about visiting Greenland.

    Dave, August 2022

    I’ve done quite a few group trips now, and this one was right up there with the best. The way it was organised, the people on the group and the surroundings were all first class. The trip delivered everything I wanted from it and a whole lot more.

    Angela, August 2022

    This trip was incredible. There was so many highlights including kayaking around icebergs, hiking on the icecap, seeing a glacier up close, kayaking with a humpback whale, seeing reindeer, eagles, dolphins and seals and seeing the northern lights. Our local guide Daniella was very friendly and knowledgeable and nothing was to much trouble for her. She really made sure we had the trip of a lifetime.

    Johan, August 2022

    The most amazing trip we’ve ever been on! We got lucky with the weather but even if you’re not as lucky it will be unforgettable. Seals, eagles, caribou and beautiful views around every corner with the northern lights on display during the nights. Never a dull moment with everything to see around you and our wonderful guides with so much knowledge just made everything even better. Our whole quite diverse group of people but at the same time very like minded was the cherry on top to make the trip quite possibly unbeatable. We might just have to go again… :)

    Andrew, August 2022

    Kayaking next to a humpack whale for about an hour surrounded by icebergs - ticked off the bucket list! Once in a lifetime experience that is worth the risk. Highly recommend the trip!

    Denise, August 2022

    After the tour had been cancelled for two years due to Covid. I finally made it to Greenland in Aug 22. And it was worth the wait. The scenery was amazing. Very surreal kayaking past huge icebergs.

    Dave, July 2022

    The actual kayaking and area was amazing. The host unfortunately not very good and more interested in money

    Sandy, September 2022

    Amazing scenery, can’t believe I’ve kayaked in the icebergs! What an adventure. Peace , totally off grid surrounded by beauty

    John, August 2022

    I finally made it to Greenland 3 years and 4 cancellations after booking - all of which were made very easy by Much Better Adventures. I was expecting this to be a great trip but it turned out to be even better than I'd hoped for. All the expected things were there like paddling around icebergs through deep fjords and sleeping in amazing places but we were also blessed by two amazing displays of the Northern Lights and a hump backed whale that swam with us for over an hour. An astonishing trip. A good level of fitness is needed and as our wonderful guide Daniela said at the beginning, don't underestimate the effort you'll need when you're not in the kayak!


    Internal flights

    Return flights from Reykjavik to Narsarsuaq


    Experienced, English speaking expedition guides


    5 nights camping and 2 nights in a hostel


    All meals, bar dinner in Narsaq on Day 7


    To and from the airport and everything in-between


    All your kayaking and camping equipment

    Not Included

    Flights to and from the meeting point

    Travel insurance

    Personal expenses

    The Area




    Reykjavik Airport

    11:40 on Day 1


    Reykjavik Airport

    17:10 on Day 8


    Your host suggests arriving the day before the start of the trip and spending the night in Reykjavik. Most international flights arrive at Keflavik International Airport (KEF), 55km outside of Reykjavik, which is different from the airport that you'll depart from the next day.

    On Day 1 your included flight departs from Reykjavik Airport (RKV) to Narsarsuaq (UAK) in Greenland at 11:40. Your host will meet you in the arrivals area ready for onward travel in a RIB boat to your accommodation.

    On Day 8 you will be dropped back at Narsarsuaq Airport (UAK) in time to catch your included flight to Reykjavik Airport (RKV) which departs at 12:45 and lands in Reykjavik at 17:10. Your host suggests spending the night in Reykjavik before continuing your journey home the following day.

    Travel options

    There are regular flights to Iceland from airports across the UK and Europe.

    For an additional fee you can start your adventure in Copenhagen instead of Reykjavik. Please request this at the time of booking - see Optional Extras for pricing.

    Day 1

    Hostel · Twin share




    Day 2 – Day 6

    Wild camping · Twin tent




    Day 7

    Hostel · Twin share




    Day 8

    Departure day




    What is the food like?

    For breakfast, there will be plenty of hot drinks, along with bread, jam, biscuits, muesli and cereals. Lunch is usually a packed lunch taken at a picturesque stop and will include bread, cheese, ham, chocolate, nuts, biscuits and hot soup and drinks. For dinner your guide, with help from the group, will prepare a hot meal in the camp, usually consisting of rice, pasta, potatoes and sausages, or stew.

    What is the accommodation like?


    On your first and last night you’ll stay at a local hostel where you’ll meet your fellow explorers and get a chance to see some of this remote Arctic town. Rooms are simple, but clean and comfortable.

    The wilderness

    For the rest of the expedition, you’ll camp in picturesque locations across Southern Greenland. All camping equipment is provided, except for sleeping bags and sleeping mats which can be rented locally. Each night your guide will help you set up camp and cook you a hot meal to refuel after a day kayaking or hiking. The locations are all remote and give a real taste of the Arctic wilderness, as well as plenty of time to fish, forage, hike to viewpoints or just take in the incredible surroundings.

    Day 1

    Welcome to Greenland!

    Make your way to either Reykjavik or Copenhagen and then fly to Narsarsuaq, deep inside the Arctic Circle. Meet your guide and travel by RIB boat to the city of Narsaq where you'll head to the nearby supply store and get kitted out with clothing and navigation equipment ready for the adventure ahead. Settle into your host's kayak hostel, meet your fellow travellers and enjoy your first night of 24-hour daylight as you acclimatise to the Arctic summer.

    Day 2

    Navigate the Narsaq icebergs by kayak

    Travel by RIB to Qingaarsup island, where your kayaking expedition will begin. Jump into your stable, double kayak and follow the spectacular coastline as you navigate along a fjord dotted with icebergs from the nearby Eqalorutsit glacier. The high density of ice will often slow you down and may make certain locations inaccessible, but this only adds to the drama. In the company of friendly ringed seals, cross to the Nuulussuaq peninsula and get your first glimpse of Inlandis, the polar ice cap. Arrive at your campsite, and if we have time and depending on the month we can forage for mushrooms and cranberries. After a hot meal made from your ingredients, settle into your tent and get a good night’s sleep.

    Day 3

    Naajaat Sermiat Glacier

    Break camp and set off in your kayak past a group of islands dotted with waterfalls and covered in leafy tundra. Paddle up Maniitsup Tunua Fjord, surrounded by the peninsulas of Maniitsop and Nuulussuaq and set up camp in front of the ice cap where you can enjoy the views of the Naajaat Sermiat Glacier, one of the oldest ice masses on the planet, right from your tent.

    Day 4

    Qaleraliq Glacier

    Kayak around Akuliaruseq, and then along Qaleralig Fjord experiencing some of the most epic, glacial scenery in the world, including glacier tongues that stretch nearly 10km wide. Set up camp on a sandy beach and if the weather allows, hike to the viewpoint at Tasersuatsiaq Lake to spot caribou feeding on salts from the fjord. At night, enjoy the thundering sound of the seracs breaking away in the Arctic's magical silence.

    Day 5

    Hike a glacier

    Paddle to the end of the fjord and trek over the glacier, avoiding deep crevasses and listening to the sounds of the ice creaking all around you. Return to your kayak and continue along the face of the glacier with vertical walls of ice towering above you. Back at camp, get cosy in your tent and listen for the thunderclap roar of the icefall from seracs.

    Day 6

    Ikerssuaq Fjord

    Break camp, climb into your kayak and paddle around Maniitsoq Island and towards the vast Ikerssuaq Fjord - a great place to spot for whales and seals bobbing in the water or resting on the icebergs that float past. Arrive at your campsite and enjoy another night in the Arctic wilderness.

    Day 7

    Qingaarsup Nunaa and Narsaq City

    You will continue the way back towards Qingaarsuup Nunaa island, kayaking through Ikerssuaq fjord. This is an area where the chances of seeing whales are greatest.

    Big icebergs use to decorate Ikerssuaq Fjord. These are enormous ice blocks coming from Eqalorusit and Qorooq fjords. Sometimes you could be surprised by Greenlandic seals sailing in your way or staying over these icebergs. Your trip ends in Qingaarsuup Nunaa and you head to the city of Narsaq. There is time to visit its interesting museum, go shopping in the Inuit market for local handicrafts or visit the hunter’s harbour. Check into the hostel for your final night and head out with your group for a final meal.

    Day 8

    Return to Reykjavik or Copenhagen

    After a final breakfast in your hostel, return by RIB to Narsarsuaq and wander the area, or take an easy, hour-long walk to a viewpoint overlooking the fjord and the Kiattut Glacier. After that, check-in for your flight to Reykjavik or Copenhagen, where your Arctic expedition will come to an end.

    15% Off Outdoor Gear

    In need of a few more items? All bookings receive a 15% discount on us to use at Cotswold Outdoor, Snow + Rock and Runner's Need.

    What can I rent?

    • Sleeping bag
    • Sleeping mat
    • See Optional Extras for prices

    What's included?

    • Tents
    • Camping and cooking equipment
    • First-aid kit
    • Mobile phone
    • Iridium phone (Global signal)
    • Delorme Satellite Messenger or similar with GPS
    • Compass
    • Maps
    • Stable single and double kayaks
    • Paddle and 2 replacement paddles
    • Semi-dry raincoat
    • Semi-dry trousers
    • Spray skirts
    • Life jacket
    • Paddling mittens
    • Rubber boots
    • 2 dry bags (20 and 40-litre capacity)
    • 1 bilge pump per kayak

    What do I need to bring?

    • Fleece or wool hat and a waterproof hat
    • Sunglasses
    • Sun cream with a high SPF and lip balm with UV protection
    • Mosquito head net (highly recommended if you are travelling before mid-August)
    • Peaked cap (to use with the mosquito net)
    • Polar buff
    • Waterproof jacket
    • A pair of light, waterproof trousers
    • Fleece jacket
    • 2 long sleeve thermal t-shirts
    • 1 short sleeve thermal t-shirt
    • 2 pairs of thermal leggings
    • Comfortable hiking trousers
    • Neoprene gloves and fleece gloves
    • Waterproof Gore-Tex gloves
    • Waterproof Gore-Tex trekking boots
    • 4 pairs of socks
    • Flip-flops, Crocs or similar
    • Sleeping bag (if possible, synthetic and suitable for -10ºC).
    • Sleeping mat
    • Head torch
    • Plate, cup and cutlery set
    • Water bottle
    • Personal toiletries (please bring biodegradable products)
    • Backpack, suitcase or kit bag (you will leave this in Narsaq - your host will provide you with waterproof kit bags for the expedition)
    • Small day bag
    • Hiking poles (optional)
    • Microfibre towel
    • Personal first aid kit

    Excursion to Qoorooq Ice Fjord

    Payable Before Departure

    Excursion to Qoorooq Ice Fjord

    Per Person

    Sleeping bag & mat rental

    Payable Before Departure

    Sleeping bag & mat rental

    Per Person

    2022 Flight supplement for departures from Copenhagen

    Payable Before Departure

    2022 Flight supplement for departures from Copenhagen

    Per Person

    2023 Flight supplement for departures from Copenhagen

    Payable Before Departure

    2023 Flight supplement for departures from Copenhagen

    Per Person

    Solo Tent Occupancy

    Payable Before Departure

    Solo Tent Occupancy

    Per Person

    We've crunched the numbers to work out the total carbon footprint of this trip, and plant enough trees to suck 2x as much back out the atmosphere.

    What's the number?
    It works out on average at 867kg of CO2 emissions per person, including all local transport, accommodation, food, activities, guides, staff and office operations.

    The only thing it doesn’t include right now is flights and travel to the destination. We do make an overall estimate across all our customers separately, but as we don’t book flights, have customers from all corners of the world, and no way of reliably knowing their travel plans, we simply can’t include an individual number in the figure on display here. We’ve got a goal for 2022 to fix that, so that when you book, there is a way to measure and mitigate the carbon emitted by your flight too.

    But what does the number mean?
    Yep, hard to picture eh? To give you an idea:

    • Driving 1000miles/1609km would be approx. 281kg of CO2 in an average car (or 140.5kg per person if there was 2 of you in it).
    • A return economy class flight London - New York would be approx. 1,619kg (1.66 tonnes) per person.
    • 10 trees in a temperate forest are estimated to remove approx. 250kg of CO2 from the air in a period of 5-10 years.

    What are we doing about it?
    Our trips are relatively low-carbon by design, and we're working with all our hosts to develop long term carbon reduction plans. For every person booked with us since 2016 we’re planting enough trees to suck at least 2x more carbon out the atmosphere than is emitted by their trips. All native trees, as part of amazing projects that are re-foresting degraded land, tackling the biodiversity crisis and supporting local communities at the same time. We go further than that too, also funding re-wilding projects worldwide to help protect important keystone species from extinction. See the reforestation and re-wilding schemes we support. See our carbon action plan.

    Want to know more?
    Amazingly, no international travel company has ever publicly published their carbon measurements before, as far as we know. We believe that must change, quickly. So we’re openly sharing the method we used in the hope that other companies will be able to more easily follow suit and build on what we've done so far. You'll find it all here.

    Sea currents bring huge amounts of ice from the Arctic Ocean, which sometimes block Southern Greenland from May to mid-June. You may also come across ice that makes navigation difficult in July, but it is rare and your guide will find an alternative route. In August, the icefield poses no problems and the sea in the region is full of icebergs.

    This trip has been planned so that anyone in reasonably good physical condition can participate, however, as you'll be kayaking for up to 3 - 5 hours/15 - 20 km per day, it's a good idea to do some cardio and upper body exercise in the run-up to departure. The trip is not recommended for anyone with serious back problems as you'll need to carry the kayaks into and out of the water. It's not necessary to have any previous kayaking experience, however, it's a good idea to try it out beforehand to make sure that you enjoy it. The kayaks themselves are stable, double and easy to paddle and navigate. If you have extensive kayaking experience it's possible to undertake this trip in a single kayak - if so please contact your host in advance of the trip.

    There are no Polar Bears in this part of Greenland during the summer period when the trip takes place.

    A RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), sometimes known as a Zodiac, is an open boat that's fast, flexible and very safe. A special coat is provided to protect you from the elements whilst on board.

    Southern Greenland is famous for offering some of the best places to view the Northern Light and if you're travelling from mid-August through to the end of September there's a good chance that you'll see this spectacular natural phenomenon. The Aurora Borealis occurs all year round, but cannot be seen during May, June and July in Greenland due to the presence of the midnight sun.

    Sure can! Over 50% of our travellers travel solo, it’s a great way to meet like-minded people.

    Yes you can. Your adventure can begin in Copenhagen instead of Reykjavik for an additional charge of €310 to cover your inclusive flights to Greenland from this alternative location.

    On day eight you can choose to visit the Qoorooq ice fjord. You'll ride on a RIB boat to this spectacular location that's usually covered in ice and icebergs, until you can go no further. The trip takes two hours and costs €85 per person - please ask your host for further details.

    The weather in Greenland is very changeable and whilst it's usually pleasant, it's essential that you bring appropriate clothes for both cold and rainy weather. Temperatures often reach over 15ºC in July and drop to between 5ºC and 10ºC in August, when the nights can be cold. In September, temperatures are usually between 5ºC to 8ºC during the day but may reach minus 5ºC at night.

    For current advice about travelling in Greenland, have a read of the UK Foreign Office pages here.

    Our recommended travel insurance provider is Campbell Irvine.

    Travel insurance is compulsory on all of our adventures. Your insurance should include adequate protection for overseas medical treatment, evacuation/repatriation, your baggage and equipment and the specific activities involved on your adventure.

    Your insurance policy should also include specific Covid-19 cover, including cancellation and curtailment cover if you, your travel companion or a close relative are diagnosed with Covid-19.

    We fully endorse Campbell Irvine as their insurance offers all of the above, so get in touch with them or call on 020 7938 1734 to get your insurance sorted. We suggest that you book travel insurance as soon as you book your adventure, just to cover you for any last minute life changes. We know you’re an active lot and injuries do happen!

    We automatically convert prices from the local currency that a host receives to your chosen currency. We update our exchange rates on a daily basis so this does mean that prices displayed on the site are subject to currency fluctuations, which is why you may see them change over time.

    If you wish to change the currency you pay in, head to the bottom of the page.

    All of our group adventures are specially designed for adults to enjoy (18+) as we want these adventures to bring together outdoorsy people who are truly like-minded. Children can be accommodated on some private departures.

    You're in good company. Our adventures are typically made up of a mix of solo travellers and small groups of two or three friends who simply love adventure, pushing themselves and meeting awesome like-minded people. See here for more info about our lovely bunch of Much Better Adventurers.

    Want to book a private trip? Just tap ‘Private Group’ in the dates and prices tab.

    Your trip is led by carefully curated local hosts and expert guides. See here for more info about the guides we work with.


    Full Financial Protection

    Your money is safe. Every booking is fully financially protected.

    Pay In Installments

    You can choose to pay for this trip in as many installments as you like, with no interest or fees.

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