Adventuring has never been more important. As John Muir put it, over a century ago, “thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilised people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity." In 2023 we sought solace in trips that took us back to basics. We savoured wild camping in some of the world's remotest spots and looking up at a sky full of stars, instead of a computer screen. We enjoyed the adrenaline rush of white water rafting, and the challenge of climbing rugged, cloud-wrapped peaks.

2024 will be no different. We're planning some epic adventure challenges and we'd love for you to come along for the ride. Make this year the one you book the adventure you've always dreamed of, be it an ascent to Everest Base Camp or an expedition into the heart of the Amazonian jungle. We've got 24 different trip ideas for you, to some of the world's wildest corners. If you're up for the challenge, that is...

1. Trek the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

A woman poses at the top of a pass on the Annapurna Circuit trek, Nepal

Best for: Himalayan peaks

Explore one of the most incredible trekking routes in the Himalayas, a 145km route that winds through forest and past small, remote villages high in the hills, before reaching the high mountains. You'll cross through the thrilling Thorong La Pass (5416m), the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit Trek, and enter Kali Gandaki, the deepest gorge in the world.

Duration: 16 days Difficulty: Challenging

Hike the Annapurna Circuit Trek | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group to trek the high-altitude trails of Nepal’s astonishing Annapurna Circuit, one of the most incredible hiking routes in the Himalayas.

2. 120Km Desert Expedition, Jordan

A man stands on a rock in the Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Best for: desert trekking

Explore this fascinating country of vast otherworldly deserts, rugged peaks and ancient cities on foot as you hike part of The Jordan Trail, the Middle East's ultimate hiking adventure. You'll trek through the canyons and dunes of Jordan's desert wilderness, camping in the desert with Bedouins and entering Petra through the 'Back Door'. You'll finish at the Dead Sea, where you can soothe tired limbs with a soak in the salty water.

Duration: 9 days Difficulty: Challenging

120km Desert Trekking Expedition in Jordan | Much Better Adventures
Join an active small group on a unique journey from Wadi Rum to Petra along the Jordan Trail, the Middle East’s ultimate long-distance trek.

3. The 3 Peaks Challenge, Morocco

A hiker on the trail in the High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

Best for: a three peaks challenge on summits over 4000m

Tackle three 4000m+ summits back-to-back on this tough but rewarding traverse of the High Atlas Mountains. Scramble with Berber guides to the top of Mount Toubkal (4167m) and the double summits of Mount Ouanoukrim: Timzguida (4089m) and Ras (4083m) and stay in scenic mountain refuges along the way. You'll be treated to amazing sunrise and sunset views of the craggy Atlas Mountains, a part of the world untouched by mass tourism.

Duration: 5 days Difficulty: Challenging

The 3 Peaks Challenge in Morocco
Tackle 3 summits over 4000m back-to-back on this tough traverse of the High Atlas, including the highest point in North Africa

4. The 5 Volcano Challenge, Guatemala

A woman hiker watches Acatenango volcano in Guatemala erupt

Best for: volcano lovers looking for a physical challenge

Climb to the top of five of Guatemala's volcanoes - dubbed 'The Ring of Fire' - on a fiery summit-bagging expedition. You'll tackle Tajumulco volcano (4220m), the highest point of Central America, Acatenango volcano, where you can see the continuously erupting Volcan de Fuego, and the sacred crater lake at Chicabal Volcano (2858m). After a challenging expedition, relax by the dreamy azure waters of Lake Atitlán.

Duration: 9 days Difficulty: Challenging

Guatemala Adventure: the 5 Volcano Challenge | Much Better Adventures
On our Guatemala hiking tour you’ll summit 5 volcanoes, watch Volcan de Fuego erupt & reach the highest point in Central America with like-minded adventurers.

5. Canoe Expedition in the Yukon, Canada

Best for: wilderness camping and canoeing

A canoe expedition that takes you into the heart of Canada's Yukon Territory, as you spend your days paddling the pine-fringed Teslin and Yukon Rivers. You'll share this remote landscape with bear, moose, caribou and eagles, and camp out under the stars every night. A true taste of the wilderness.

Duration: 10 days Difficulty: Moderate

Canoe Expedition in the Yukon Wilderness | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group adventure in Canada to paddle the Teslin and Yukon Rivers. Led by expert guides, cross the wilderness in a traditional Canadian canoe.

6. 100km Canoe Expedition, Scotland

Four canoes on the rocky shore of a Scottish loch, viewed through a tent flap.

Best for: wild Scottish scenery

If you're keen on a UK adventure challenge, then we recommend this 100km kayaking expedition, which takes you across Scotland from Fort William in the west, to Inverness in the east along the Caledonian Canal. You'll paddle the Great Glen Trail, crossing the legendary Loch Ness, and wild camp on the water's edge surrounded by some of the UK’s highest mountains. While you need to be physically fit to take part, kayak training will be provided.

Duration: 5 days Difficulty: Moderate

100km Canoe Expedition Across Scotland
Cross Scotland from Fort William in the west, to Inverness in the east along the Caledonian Canal

7. Climb Mount Toubkal: Winter Edition, Morocco

Climbers ascending Mount Toubkal, Morocco, during the snow

Best for: sub-zero summit bagging

If you're an experienced hiker wanting to push yourself to your limits over a long weekend, then this is the adventure challenge for you. You'll climb Mount Toubkal (4,167m), Morocco's highest mountain, in the height of winter. To reach the top you'll battle high winds, sub-zero temperatures and trails covered in snow. But the feeling when you reach the top is unsurpassed.

Duration: 4 days Difficulty: Tough

Climb Mount Toubkal: The Winter Edition | Much Better Adventures
Don your crampons for a serious adventure and trek your way up the mighty Mount Toubkal in the height of winter. Expert mountain guides will lead the way.

8. The Balkan 3 Peaks Challenge, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro

Hiker with arms wide open on Mount Gjeravica in the Accursed Mountains, Albania

Best for: exploring the high places of the Western Balkans

This one's a toughie: you'll tackle three summits across four countries in the wild heart of the Western Balkans. Trek remote trails and over mountain borders as you scramble to the summits of Mount Gjeravica (2656m), Mount Zla Kolata (2534m) and the shared summit of Mt Korab (2764m) - the highest points in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia. Sail across Lake Koman, bed down in a shepherd hut and fuel up on ‘slow’ food in the heart of the Accursed Mountains as you go.

Duration: 7 days Difficulty: Tough

The Balkan 3 Peaks Challenge | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group of like-minded adventurers to tackle 3 of the highest peaks in four countries on this tough trek through wild heart of the Western Balkans.

9. Everest Base Camp and the Gokyo Lakes Circuit, Nepal

Gokyo Lake, in the Nepal Himalayas

Best for: iconic Himalayan scenery

Hike through the otherworldly landscape of the Himalayas as you climb to Everest Base Camp - the hard way. It's a longer and more challenging route than the standard Everest Base Camp hike, but you'll be rewarded with quieter trails and gorgeous views. Navigate cairns, ice and moraine as you trek the famous Ngozumpa Glacier - the longest in the Himalayas - to reach the top of Cho La Pass (5420m). You'll ascend Kala Patthar (5550m) and Gokyo Ri (5357m) for a stunning view of Everest’s summit and the turquoise waters of Gokyo Lakes.

Duration: 18 days Difficulty: Challenging

Trek the Everest and Gokyo Lakes Circuit | Much Better Adventures
Book a small group adventure and trek to Everest Base Camp via one of the most adventurous routes in the Himalayas - taking in the immense Cho La Pass and the picture-perfect Gokyo Valley.

10. Coast to Coast Traverse, Madeira

A hiker looks out over the mountains in Madeira

Best for: forests, black sand beaches and mountains

An epic trek across the island of Madeira, that will see you hiking from one coast to another through astonishingly varied scenery. You'll navigate along the famous levada trails and through misty laurisilva forest. You'll summit the island's three highest mountains – Pico do Arieiro (1817m), Pico das Torres (1851m) and Pico Ruivo (1862m) - eventually ending up at the black sands of Seixal Beach.

Duration: 6 days Difficulty: Challenging

Coast to Coast Traverse of Madeira | Much Better Adventures
Join an expert local guide on a hike across the peaks, cliffs and forests of this Atlantic island known as the ‘Hawaii of Europe’, including Pico Ruivo.

11. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro and Go on Safari, Tanzania

The summit of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, shrouded in cloud.

Best for: those who want to climb the highest mountain in Africa

Climb to the summit that's on every adventurer’s hit-list – the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, all 5895m of her. Trek through forest, over moorland and under a glaciated precipice via the Machame Route, considered to be the most scenic way to the top of Africa's highest peak. And there's no need to go home as soon as you've descended - stick around for a few days and head out on safari. The Ngorongoro Crater is home to some 25,000 mammals, including the endangered black rhino.

Duration: 11 days Difficulty: Challenging

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (5895m) and Go on Safari | Much Better Adventures
Join a locally guided small group to summit Africa’s highest mountain via the Machame route, then spot elephants, rhinos and lions on a 3-day game safari.

12. Arctic Circle Fat Bike Expedition, Norway

A group of tourists fat biking in the Arctic, with dogs pulling sleds behind them.

Best for: cyclists who want a change of scene

Spend five days on an Arctic cycling tour across the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau in the Arctic Circle, accompanied by a team of huskies. You'll pedal up remote snow trails and across frozen lakes. You'll pass by migrating herds of reindeer and indigenous Sami herders, and if you're lucky you'll catch sight of the northern lights. Treat yourself to a sauna after a hard day of pedalling, before bedding down in a remote hut or cosy canvas igloo.

Duration: 5 days Difficulty: Challenging

Arctic Circle Fat Bike Expedition
Cycle across an Arctic plateau alongside a team of huskies, sleep in remote huts and relax in saunas

13. 250km Self-Powered Coast to Coast Expedition, Costa Rica

A rafting group drifts down the Pacuare River in Costa Rica.

Best for: a multi-activity challenge

Hike, bike and paddle 250km across one of the world's most biodiverse countries, travelling from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea. Journey through cloud forest and virgin rainforest teeming with wildlife before heading up and over the Continental Divide. Rest up in eco-lodges on the banks of the Pacuare River and cool down in secret swimming spots along the way.

Duration: 12 days Difficulty: Challenging

250km Self-Powered Coast to Coast Expedition through Costa Rica
Hike, bike and paddle yourself from the Pacific Ocean all the way to the Caribbean Sea

14. Isle of Rum Expedition, Scotland

Two hikers on the Isle of Rum, on Scotland's Inner Hebrides.

Best for: exploring a remote island

A Scottish adventure challenge that will take you to Rùm in the Scottish Inner Hebrides, an island of no roads, forgotten castles and a mere 29 residents. Traverse the six rocky peaks of the Rùm Cuillin ridge, wild camp in deserted spots alongside rocky shorelines, and keep watch eagles, otters, seals, dolphins and the ubiquitous red deer.

Duration: 5 days Difficulty: Challenging

Isle of Rùm Expedition
A truly wild adventure on a remote island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides

15. Climb Mont Blanc, France

A hiking group climbing the snowy summit of Mont Blanc.

Best for: first forays into mountaineering

Tackle the mountaineer's mountain. Sitting at 4,180m, Mont Blanc is the highest point in western Europe, regarded by many as the birthplace of modern mountaineering. Climb in a group of just four people and summit Mont Blanc on a Monday, the quietest day to attempt this legendary peak. You'll push yourself to the limits - completing the challenge will provide you with a sense of achievement you'll carry with you for years.

Duration: 8 days Difficulty: Tough

Climb Mont Blanc (4810m) | Much Better Adventures
Join expert local guides to summit the Mighty Mont Blanc, the mountaineer’s mountain and highest peak in the Alps. One to tick off your bucket list this year.

16. Trek the Tian Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan

The Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Best for: experiencing Kyrgyz culture

You'll hike the spectacular Tian Shan Mountains, exploring red sandstone canyons and swimming in the pristine water of the Issyk Kul high alpine lake. You'll cross the epic Jukku Pass (3,800m), which is surrounded by glaciers on either side. Nights will be spent wild camping or experiencing the legendary hospitality of the Kyrgyz semi-nomadic shepherds by spending a night in their yurt camp. You'll also meet Aitbek, one of the last remaining Eagle Hunters in Kyrgyzstan.

Duration: 9 days Difficulty: Challenging

Trek the Tian Shan Mountains of Kyrgyzstan | Much Better Adventures
Our hiking trip through the mountains of Central Asia is for adventurous souls. Meet Kyrgyz nomads, discover otherworldly landscapes and sleep under the stars.

17. Climb Mera Peak (6461m), Nepal

A climber on Mera Peak, Nepal

Best for: climbing your first 6000m+ peak

Tackle Nepal's highest trekking peak, which towers at 6461 metres. On the expedition, you'll learn to scramble across glaciers, traverse snow and climb Mera Peak safely and successfully. You'll be in the heart of the Himalayan wilderness, with spectacular views of towering peaks, glacial lakes, and high passes.

Duration: 18 days Difficulty: Tough

Climb Mera Peak (6461m) | Much Better Adventures
Join expert climbing guides in the Himalayas to conquer the highest trekking peak in Nepal and bask in epic views of the world’s highest mountains.

18. 100km Jungle Expedition, Colombia

A plunging waterfall in the heart of the Columbian rainforest.

Best for: exploring untouched tropical rainforest

Trek through tropical rainforest and raft one of the world’s last truly wild rivers. Blaze a trail through the wilderness as you descend into the mysterious Magdalena Basin and pass through one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. Be one of the first to set foot in this remote and untouched corner of Colombia.

Duration: 8 days Difficulty: Challenging

100km Jungle Expedition into the Heart of Colombia
Trek through an untouched tropical rainforest and raft one of the world’s last truly wild rivers

19. Summit Yala Peak, Nepal

Illuminated tents surrounded by snow and ice, a wild campsite on Yala Peak in Nepal.

Best for: a Himalayan ascent with no technical skills required

Climb Yala Peak (5,550m), one of the few non-technical peaks in Nepal and experience the mighty Himalaya away from the crowds. Trek through the Langtang Valley, past towering peaks and tumbling glaciers then grab your crampons, ropes and ice axes as you set off by torchlight and navigate the tight ridge to the top.

Duration: 12 days Difficulty: Challenging

Trek the Langtang Valley to Summit Yala Peak in the Himalayas | Much Better Adventures
Join this spectacular trek, guided by experts, to climb one of the few non-technical peaks in Nepal and experience the Himalaya away from the crowds.

20. The Laugavegur Trek, Hut to Hut, Iceland

Hikers along the trail of Iceland's Laugavegur Trek

Best for: exploring Iceland's otherworldly interior

Trek through one of the world’s most iconic landscapes on a multi-day hike which has been included in National Geographic's '20 Best Hikes in the World'. You'll cross the otherworldly Landmannalaugar mountains, formed of multi-coloured rhyolite, where fumaroles eject steam into the air. Enjoy the pristine silence of Álftavatn, the black volcanic desert of Mælifellssandur and the more verdant ‘Valley of Thor' . You'll spend the night in comfortable hiking huts, surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Duration: 5 days Difficulty: Challenging

Hut-to-hut trek of the Laugavegur Trail in Iceland | Much Better Adventures
Tackle Iceland’s iconic Laugavegur Trail, travelling hut-to-hut with a small group of like-minded adventurers. Book your trip with just 20% deposit today.

21. Trek the Haute Route, France & Switzerland

A view of the Matterhorn in the Alps, one of Europe's highest mountains.

Take on one of Europe’s toughest and most prestigious long-distance hut to hut trails. Experience the remote wonders of the Alps as you trek to epic viewpoints and through traditional mountain villages all the way to the Matterhorn, one of the most iconic mountains on the continent.

Duration: 10 days Difficulty: Tough

Trek the Haute Route from Chamonix to Zermatt
Follow a spectacular trail, hut-to-hut through the heart of the Alps

22. The Ultimate Trekking Adventure, Madagascar

Hikers below Tsaranoro Cliff, Madagascar

Best for: lemur-spotting

A hiking trip through the otherworldly canyons, plains, forests and peaks of the Isalo and Andringitra National Parks. You'll hike and scramble to the summit of Madagascar's second-highest mountain, the imposing Pic Boby (2658m), wild camp, and swim in natural pools. You'll also get a chance to see the island's famous ring-tailed lemurs and tiny mouse lemurs.

Duration: 11 days Difficulty: challenging

Go Trekking and Spot Lemurs in Madagascar | Much Better Adventures
Join a small group of adventurers on this truly remote ramble through two wild national parks, spotting lemurs as you go. Led by local guides.

23. Cycle, Safari and Stargazing Adventure, Namibia

A cyclist in Namibia, with Spitzkoppe Mountain in the background.

Best for: riding from the desert to the sea

Ride through Namibia's dune desert beneath enormous open skies, cycle along the Skeleton Coast - the world's largest shipping graveyard - and stand on top of Spitzkoppe Mountain, the highest point in the country. You'll camp under the milky way, enjoying campfire-cooked food before a spot of stargazing. End it all off with a safari, on the look out for lions, elephants and rhino.

Duration: 9 days Difficulty: Challenging

Cycle, Safari and Stargaze in Namibia | Much Better Adventures
Take a trip to Namibia to fat bike through vast dune deserts, ride along the Skeleton Coast, jump on a safari and sleep under the stars with like-minded adventurers.

24. 100Km Hiking and Kayaking Expedition, Greenland

Kayakers pass an iceberg in a Greenland fjord

Best for: the ultimate Arctic challenge

Kayak and hike this icy wilderness during the Arctic summer on a self-powered adventure named a ‘Life-Changing Adventure' by The Telegraph. You'll paddle down Greenlandic fjords, passing looming icebergs and looking out for seals, caribou and whales. You'll hike across the immense Qaleralig Glacier and wild camp in the wilderness, enjoying views of ice fields and glaciers from your tent.

Duration: 7 days Difficulty: Challenging

100km Hiking and Kayaking Expedition in Greenland | Much Better Adventures
Book a small group trip to kayak amongst icebergs and hike across an ice cap on this Arctic adventure. Led by local guides, joined by good people.

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