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Want the adventure of a lifetime but don't have the time to organise it? That's where we come in.

When you’re at the cinema, are you the kind of person who really gets stuck into the Pick ‘n’ Mix section? The type of individual who fully believes that variety is the spice of life? This is the thinking that sits at the heart of our multi-adventure, multi activity holidays.

So what are your options?

Our multi activity holidays take place in numerous destinations. There’s hiking, kayaking, and wild camping combos in the Norwegian Fjords. Hiking, canyoning, and rafting mash-ups in the Slovenian Alps. Caving, biking, and zip lining packages in Romania, and surfing/coasteering ones in Cornwall. The world’s your oyster with us and the number of activities on offer are seemingly endless. Go anywhere. Do everything. You get the idea.

What else can you tell me?

Our multi adventures offer quantity and quality. Quantity because it’s more of a good thing, quality because the activities you’ll be doing are top draw and genuinely unforgettable. The bottom line is that these multi activity holidays right here are the kind of trips where you’ll experience lots of new things in a short space of time, the kind of trips where you’ll come back with that sense of fulfilment that comes with knowing you’ve not only done X for the first time but also Y and Z as well. Maximum fun. Minimum fuss. Happy days.

Why go on multi activity holidays with us?

So many good reasons to book a trip with us. Firstly, with a Much Better Adventure trip, you’re making the most of your annual leave by cramming epic adventures into long weekends. Book a Friday off. Book a Monday off. Have a holiday that’s so much more than a normal holiday. Secondly, we literally guarantee happiness (yes, really). Thirdly, our business model funnels 80% of your spend into supporting the local economy. Fourthly, we invest a slice of our revenue into supporting critical conservation projects around the world. We could go on.

Can I do it on my own?

The multi activity holidays and multi adventure trips we run are so action-packed, so go, go, go, that we think they’re absolutely ideal for the solo traveller. Why? Because nothing breaks the awkward-silence-ice between strangers quite like a rafting adventure on a raging river in the morning, followed by an adrenaline-pumping bit of coasteering in the afternoon. On these experiences, you’ll be sharing memorable moments with like-minded individuals. They’re good with friends. They’re good with strangers. They're just really, really, good all-round. Get stuck in.

And what do I need to bring?

Tough one to answer this as our multi adventures couldn’t be more varied if they tried. Some basic things to think about though - bring a good pair of worn-in boots if there’s hiking on the menu, and plenty of spare dry clothes if you’re going kayaking (or doing some other water-based activity). Many of the destinations we go to also have interchangeable weather so be sure to factor that in when you’re packing. Sun protection for when the sun’s out, extra layers for when the temperature drops. Common sense approach is the order of the day.

Worth mentioning here that we’ll be sending you a comprehensive checklist, when you book, so you don’t have to second guess anything. Specialist equipment will be provided on arrival. If the worst case scenario happens and you show up realising you’ve forgotten something, our guides on the ground will be able to hook you up with rental equipment.