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50 of the World’s Greatest Adventure Holidays in 2019
December 17, 2018

If you’ve found yourself wondering what your resolution will be this year, we have some humble advice for you. Forgo the self-punishing gym regimes. Resist the doomed desire to cut back on carbs, and instead get outside, away from the sweaty crowds and have an adventure.  Make your New Year’s resolution one that you’ll look forward to sticking to.

Here’s some of the top 50 most jaw-dropping, thigh-burny, life-changing adventure holidays to take on in 2019.

1) Arctic Kayaking Expedition Through the Fjords of Greenland  


South Greenland is pure drama. Think towering ice walls, deep turquoise waters on the cusp of freeze and vast stretches of uninhabitable tundra. This adventure is based out of Narsarsuaq and takes place in the surrounding Tunulliarfik Fjords. Vikings settled here centuries ago, and the name suggests that arctic forests filled these frozen plains. The town itself has a mere 160 residents and is located 6 km from the Greenland ice sheet, the second largest in the world.

This adventure is the final word in Arctic kayaking. You’ll paddle for 100 km past icebergs and through ancient, arctic fjords, keeping your eyes peeled for seals, whales and polar bears. Then trade your paddle for a kayak and hike across the creaking and crawling Naajaat Sermiat Glacier, one of the oldest masses of ice in the world.

Don’t miss: Spotting caribou feeding on the fjords salts from the viewpoint of Tasersuatsiaq Lake.

Fly to: Keflavik International Airport, Keflavik. Check flights 

2) Hike Patagonia’s Torres Del Paine


In southern Chile sits the Torres del Paine National Park. This remote corner of Patagonia is a concoction of freezing lakes, creeping glaciers and muscular peaks. On this South American adventure, you’ll hike alongside the endangered Huemul (an Andean deer) as you scour the Pingo valley towards the Southern Patagonian Ice Field.

Cruise on the eerily grey waters past the iconic Patagonian glaciers before trekking to the jewels of Torres del Paine’s opulent crown; the granite peaks of Las Torres. Expect to wake to crisp mornings of postcard panoramas before hiking through the valleys and forests in the depths of wild Patagonia. If you can handle up to 8 hours of hiking a day at high altitude, this experience is well within your grasp.

Don’t miss: Finding fossils of the prehistoric distant relative of the dolphin in the Zapata Valley.

Fly to: President Carlos Ibañez del Campo Airport, Punta Arenas. Check flights or El Calafate Airport, El Calafate. Check flights 

3) Hike, Bike and Raft along Chile’s Futaleufu River  

The Futaleufú River in Northern Patagonia is considered to be one of the best patches of whitewater in the world. The river is fed by the lakes of Argentina and Chile, and the minerals from the mountain springs are responsible the electric-blue shades in the river. The towering canyons either side protect the river from the biting Patagonian winds.

A 9-day adventure along the Futaleufu river will have you bungling down world-class rapids, cliff-jumping into the literally breathtaking meltwater and paddleboarding through the ancient forests in the hanging lake named ‘Lago Obsession’. Your guides use their income to work with conservation groups to protect the river from damming. So by rafting this river, you’ll be helping to keep it wild.

Don’t miss: Swimming in a wooden, cliffside lodge’s infinity pool whilst overlooking the dramatic, snow-capped Chilean mountainscape.

Fly to: El Tepual Airport, Puerto Montt. Check flights  

4) Climb the ‘Floating Island’ of Mount Roraima, Brazil


Brazil’s Mount Roraima, otherwise known as the ‘Floating Island’, is the inspiration behind Pixar’s ‘Up’ and Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel ‘The Lost World’. This peculiar outcrop has a 12-mile square radius on top and is 2,800 metres above sea level. Sitting on the border of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana, this mysterious mountain was formed over 2 billion years ago when sand collected at the bottom of the ocean and formed into early rock.

Scientists know very little about the wildlife who inhabit this plateau, and there is no consensus as to how wildlife developed here in the first place. Hiking up Mount Roraima will take you through one of the least-understood wildlife areas in the world. Observe the carnivorous plants, rare crystals and mythological rock formations on this fantastically puzzling table-top mountain.

Don’t miss: Jumping off hazy waterfalls into the deep, rock pools below.

Fly to: Atlas Brasil Cantanhede Airport, Boa Vista. Check flights 

5) Trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal 


This has been a classic trek ever since Edmund Hilary and Tenzig Norgay tackled the world’s tallest mountain in 1953. 

The short flight from Kathmandu will give you a prime view of Nepal’s infamous cloud-tickling giants. The 15-day route combines the essential Nepalese experience of trekking passed yak pastures and fluttering prayer flags with the definitive high-altitude mountaineering challenge.

Tourism is the primary source of income for the Sherpa people, meaning the Solukumbo’s infrastructure is incredibly well set-up for hiking. If you’ve never even considered high-altitude Nepal let alone to Everest Base Camp, this is one to consider if you’re prepared to train hard and give yourself a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  

Don’t miss: Viewing Mt. Thamserku (6618 m) from the Sir Edmund Hilary suspension bridge dangling over the Dudh Koshi River.

Fly to: Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Check flights 

6) Trek the Annapurna Circuit, Nepal 


The 128-mile trek through the Annapurna region has rightly been considered the holy grail of trekking since it opened for tourism in 1977. The circular route takes you up to Poon Hill (3,110m) one of Nepal’s most famous viewpoints and then down through the Kali Gandaki gorge, the deepest gorge in the world.

As the region largely lies in the Himalayas rain shadow, it is sheltered from the full force of the monsoon season. The quintessential Nepalese trek is for those who want a wider sample of Nepal’s landscape and culture without the crowds.

Don’t miss: Plunging wobbly legs and blistered feet into the hot springs at Jindu Dada.

Fly to: Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Check flights 

7) Kayak British Columbia’s Glacial Meltwater


Glacier kayaking is an activity you probably haven’t heard of before. As the spring hits in Northern British Columbia, frozen valleys thaw up to reveal a network of rivers snaking through the Canadian wilderness. The result is a glacier kayaker’s wet dream.  

Slowly drifting downstream in the crisp silence of Canada’s pristine tundras is one of the world’s most unique kayaking experiences.  

Don’t miss: Taking a chopper over British Columbia whilst keeping your eyes peeled for wild goats, elk and bears down below.

Fly to: Vancouver International Aiport. Check flights

8) Climb Mount Damavand, Iran


Mount Damavand (4,250m) is known as the ‘roof of Iran’ and is a national symbol of Iranian resistance to foreign occupation. The peak appears throughout Iran on bank notes, water bottles and flags.

Hiking up this symmetrical stratovolcano will shatter any preconceptions you may have about this misunderstood country.

Mt. Damavand is one of the most accessible summits over 5,000 metres and has rightly earned its place on the ‘Volcanic Seven Summits’ challenge. There are over 16 routes to the top, depending on your fitness and appetite for leg burn. The hot springs on the southern flank make that one of the most popular routes, whereas the Western route offers the best sunrise vantage points.

Don’t miss: Viewing the Iranian plains from the summit before descending into its sulphur-smelling crater.

Fly to: Esfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport, Esfahan. Check flights 

9) Trek the Huayhuash Circuit and Explore Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Pichu

Like the Egyptian Pyramids and Easter Island, Machu Picchu occupies a place in our collective consciousness as one of the world’s most mysterious places.

Inca civilization has captured the world’s imagination with its eerily accurate cosmological predictions. Machu Picchu is the most intact relic of their little-understood and much-romanticised civilisation.

This combined with the gruelling but soul-stirring trek through the unspoiled granite peaks and alpine lakes of the Cordillera Huayhuash mountain range is an experience that your grandkids will (maybe) want to hear about time and time again.

Seeing one of the Seven Wonders Of World? That’s a proper new year’s resolution.

Don’t miss: Visiting the World Heritage Site Sacsayhuamán, a structure of 140-tonne stones dedicated to the cult of God Illapa.

Fly to: Jorge Chávez International Airport, Lima. Check flights 

10) Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


Taking a 4×4 past the baobab trees of Tanzania’s Savannah in the shadow of the world’s most famous equatorial summit heralds the start of one of the most classic African adventures.

The ascent up this equatorial summit is a journey that starts through the lively rainforest before arriving at the lunar landscapes of Mount Kilimanjaro’s (5895m) upper slopes.

With over 7 routes to the top, you can pick a Kilimanjaro adventure to suit your fitness, budget and time frame. If you fancy conquering one of the world’s Seven Summits, Kilimanjaro is an obvious place to start.

Don’t miss: Walking on the knife-edge of the volcanic Meru’s crater rim whilst overlooking the wild African grasslands.

Fly to: Kilimanjaro International Airport, Kilimanjaro. Check flights 

11) Raft Down the Rio Marañón River, Peru 


The Marañón River is the primary source of the Amazon river. It flows down from the Peruvian Andes down to the Amazon lowlands. Its desert canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, and the river is the longest free-flowing river in the world. It is considered one the best white-water rafting destinations on the globe.

Whilst running the course of this bungling river, you’ll camp on the riverside beaches and plunge into red-rock pools when you’re not braving the river’s turbulent rapids.

In supporting tourism on the Marañón river, you’re providing income to the activists who are campaigning against the 20 hydroelectric mega-dams proposed by the Peruvian government, which would eradicate the endemic species that rely on the river for their livelihood.

Don’t miss: Visiting the ancient Cumbemayo ruins in Cajamarca before you start your journey.

Fly to: Mayor General FAP Armando Revoredo Iglesias Airport, Cajamarca. Check flights  

12) Kayak the Orca Highway in the San Juan Islands, United States


The San Juan Archipelago sits between the US mainland and Canada’s British Columbia. The San Juan Islands are one of the best places in the world to see the majestic black and white orca whales in the wild.

As you paddle down the famed ‘Valley of the Orcas’, you’ll also be joined by sea lions, bottlenose dolphins and the Northern Elephant seal.

This kayaking adventure provides one of the most natural and intimate opportunities to interact with the world’s most elusive and majestic sea-creatures in their natural habitats.

Don’t miss: Observing British Columbia being slowly illuminated by sunrise from Mount Baker volcano.

Fly to: Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Seattle. Check flights 

13) Climb Mount Toubkal, Morocco

Mount Toubkal (4167m), is the tallest mountain North African and is the collision point between the African and European continents.

Mt Toubkal is the crown jewel of the Atlas mountain range. The trek starts in Imlil, a Berber village nestled precariously in the mountainside. Although this high altitude trek is a challenge, the summit-success rate is over 90 percent. You’ll feel the full force of the famous Berber hospitality.

As this high altitude trek can be done in 2-3 days, it is the perfect getaway summit for those who want to make 2019 the year they finally climb that mountain.

Don’t miss: Haggling in Marrakech’s UNESCO-listed Jamaa el Fna square after your trek (tired legs permitting).

Fly to: Menara Airport, Marrakech. Check flights 

14) Climb Mount Kenya


Mt Kenya may be the second tallest mountain in Africa, but it’s the most unique. The mountain’s summit has one of the only equatorial glaciers on the planet. It also has the rare accolade of being both a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a biosphere reserve.

This national park’s protected status means you’re highly likely to spot some of the big five predators, along with the tree hyrax, buffalo, antelope and monkeys found on the lower slopes of the mountain. The scenic Sirimon Route, descending via the Chogoria route, is an incredibly diverse trek through rocky terrain, lush bamboo and highland forest and gives you a fair chance of spotting some of that big game.

Don’t miss: Watching the Kenyan savannah wake up at Sunrise from Point Lenana (4985m). 

Fly to: Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi. Check flights 

15) Hike, Kayak and Wild Camp the Norwegian Fjords

The Norwegian fjords couldn’t have been designed better for kayaking. The fjords are inlets of sea that were carved out by ice-age glaciers. The mountains soaring out of the sea protects the fjords from the bitter Scandinavian winds, making for glassy stretches of snaking waterways.

The calm of the Norwegian fjords attracts seals, eagles and even Orcas during mating season. Norway’s law of ‘Allemansratten’ means wild-camping is permitted anywhere. Kayaking and camping wild-camping in the Scandinavian wilderness is the ultimate introduction to the famous Norwegian philosophy of self-reliance and outdoor living.  

Don’t miss: Sipping wine roasting marshmallows over a fjord-side fire with your campmates.

Fly to: Bergen Airport Flesland, Bergen. Check flights 

16) Aurora Camping and Dog Sledding

To say that experiencing the Aurora Borealis first hand is magical is both a cliché and an understatement. Ancient mythologies guessed they were the spirits of ancestors dancing in the sky.

The reality of the lights is much more sublime; the lights are caused when charged particles are flung from the sun smash into our atmosphere, creating explosions of greens, pinks, blues and reds to erupt across the night’s sky

Driving a pack of huskies across the tundra’s of Norway’s blistering North before observing nature’s celestial disco from a traditional Sami tent is one of Scandinavia’s power-house adventures.

Don’t miss: The Huskies too much when you have to pack your bags and go home.

Fly to: Tromsø Airport, Tromso. Check flights 

17) Whale Watching and Glamping Under the Northern Lights


Killer whales are unique in that they have specific dialects between family pods, and their conversations reverberate for miles throughout the ocean.

This adventure will take you aboard an orca research vessel, where you’ll be taken to the filming spot of BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’. Joined by a marine biologist, you’ll eves drop into the calls and signals made by these majestic creatures.

And of course, no trip to Northern Norway would be complete without a chase of the elusive northern lights. And being accompanied with an experienced guide in a heavy-duty 4×4, you’ll have the best possible chance of seeing them.

Don’t miss: Dreaming in whalesong as you fall asleep in your lavish Sami teepee.

Fly to: Tromsø Airport, Tromso. Check flights 

18) Bear Watch and Castle Hop in Transylvania


Combining bear watching and castle hopping is unusual like any decent adventure should be. Romania’s Carpathian Mountain Range is home to 60% of Europe’s brown-bear population, making it one of the best places in the world to get up and close to the beguiling creatures.

Camping out in an elevated treehouse with a bear expert, you’ll get a one-off photo opportunity as you wait for the bears to emerge. Don’t be surprised if you spot occasional chamois and lynx.

On top of that, you’ll explore Romania’s medieval castles, most notably Bran castle which was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’. But unlike the infamous collared garlic-dodger, this adventure definitely does not suck.

Don’t miss: The killer photo of a brown bear in its natural habitat.

Fly to: Henri Coandă International Airport, Bucharest. Check flights 

19) Stay in Transylvania’s Ice Hotel and Explore Dracula’s Castle


Balea lake is a glacial lake sitting in the Fageras mountains, 2,000 metres above sea-level. As the lake freezes over in the winter, the locals use traditional methods to carve blocks out of the sea to build the famous Ice Hotel, which changes in theme every year. The result is a magical Ice Hotel and its church, with over 14 rooms each with unique ice sculptures and an ice bar.

Exploring Romania’s fairy-tale castles whilst staying in an annually-built ice hotel is an experience you won’t forget, unless you become a little too frequented with the ice bar. The ideal adventure for a couple, there’s no chance this trip will get a cold reception.  

Don’t miss: Hiking through a mountain tunnel that opens up to a panoramic view of the little-known Carpathian mountains.

Fly to: Henri Coandă International Airport, Bucharest. Check flights 

20) Ice Climb and Snow Shoe in Finnish Lapland

The Pyhä-Luosto National Park in Swedish Lapland is a barren winter landscape of tunturis, which are 2-billion-year-old remnants of prehistoric mountains.

After a snow-shoeing across the park’s ravines and tundras, you’ll learn to ascend a frozen waterfall with ropes, snowshoes and pickaxes.

And of course, being in the Scandinavian heartlands you have the chance of the elusive aurora fluttering above. Your guide will give you an Aurora photography lesson, meaning you’ll take home a USB-full of envy-inducing, wallpaper inhabiting photographs. This Scandinavian tapas is one of the coolest winter experiences going.  

Don’t miss: Cutting a hole in the ice and taking the plunge before scarpering off to the wood-fired sauna.

Fly to: Rovaniemi Airport, Rovaniemi. Check flights 

21) Take a Photography Course on the Isle of Skye


The Isle of Skye is a photographer’s dream. Situated in the Inner Hebrides, the Isle of Skye has some of Scotland’s most eye-catching geological features on its typically rugged highland landscape.

The Isle of Skye has a bounty of photo-opportunities that are deserving of more than a quick iPhone snap. The granite grasslands of Quaring, the 200-foot-high waterfall tumbling off Kilt Rock’s dolerite cliffs and the outcrops of the iconic ‘Old Man Storr’ are views that are worth taking your time over.

Getting trained by one of Scotland’s leading outdoor photographers you’ll have an unrivalled opportunity to practise your skills in one of the UK’s most photogenic settings.

Don’t miss: Getting the money shot of the infamously camera-shy loch ness monster.   

Fly to: Inverness Airport, Inverness. Check flights 

22) The Welsh 15 Peak Challenge


In Snowdonia lies one of the most beautiful national parks. It’s rugged maze of glaciated valleys and granite peaks make it a hiker’s playground. It’s home to 15 peaks, one of which is tallest in Wales, the 1,085-metre Mount Snowdon.  

The Welsh 15 peak challenge is one of the UK’s most famously gruelling challenges. You’ll ascend 15 summits in the Carneddau, Glyders and Snowdon ranges over the course of 24 hours.  If you’re looking for an ultimate 2019 challenge to set your sights on, the Welsh 15 peak should certainly be on your list of contenders.

Don’t miss: Seeing the stunning mountain outcrops known as ‘Adam and Eve’ rocks on Tryfan peak.

23) Trek The Svaneti Region of Georgia

The Svaneti region is in the Caucasus mountains, the collision point of the Asian and European continents, and is known as the ‘gem of the Caucasus.’ It’s home to 100 miles of hiking trails, four of Europe’s highest peaks and Europe’s oldest city.

The foothills of this unique region are littered with the medieval lookout towers known as ‘Svan’s’, and the region owes its name to these. This hike will take up to the glistening Chalaadi glacier, passed the Ushba waterfall and then finally to the 271-metre dam, the second tallest in the world.

The region has been neglected by the hiking community due to previously poor accessibility, infrastructure and brutally long winters. However as the Georgian government is waking up to the tourism potential in this beautiful region, it is emerging as one of Europe’s premium remote hiking hot-spots.

Don’t miss: Having a picnic lunch from Chalaadi Glacier, with 360-degree views of the surrounding Caucasus mountains.

Fly to: Kopitnari Airport, Kutaisi. Check flights 

24)  Hike ‘The Edge’ in Kosovo


Since Kosovo’s independence from Serbia in 2008, Europe’s youngest country is on the verge of a new dawn. This little-understood Balkan country boasts charming mountain-top towns, 13th-century monasteries and some the most remote hiking trails in Europe.

This adventure will take you along a historic, 600-year old trade route. You’ll trek the dramatic ridgeline known as ‘The Edge’ between the peaks of Konjushka, Guzhababa and Bistra, all over 2,00 metres high. You’re likely to come across lynx, bears, roe deer, and wild boar as you journey through the unexplored Dinaric Alps.

Starting in the historic cultural mish-mash city of Prizren, this Balkan adventure is a journey into unknown histories and landscapes.

Don’t miss: The photo-opportunity for the top of the peculiarly pyramidal Black Peak at 2,585m.

Fly to: Priština International Airport, Pristina. Check flights 

25) Trek the Via Dinarica Trail, Bosnia & Croatia

The Via Dinarica is a 2,000-kilometre mega-trail that stretches from Albania to Slovenia through Dinaric Alps and Sharr mountains. This newly-established route takes you through gauging karst canyons, pristine glacial lakes and muscular limestone peaks.

The trail is one of Europe’s most recent tourism successes and the media has paid due attention. It has been named Outside magazine’s best new trail in 2014, Paste magazine’s best new trekking route in 2015 and has been marked as a must-see by the Guardian, Wanderlust Magazine and National Geographic Traveller in 2016.

Be one of the first to grab a slice of one of the world’s most exciting new hiking innovations.  

Don’t miss: Taking a photo of Hajdučka Vrata, the peculiar natural archway nestled into the cliffside in the Blidinje Nature Park.

Fly to: Split Airport, Split. Check flights 

26) Trek the Haute Route, France & Switzerland


The Haute Route is one of Europe’s most challenging and iconic long-distance trails. The route takes you through the alpine grasslands from Chamonix through to Zermatt. The route traverses 10 of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps, and the highest pass is at 2964 m.

Although the trek doesn’t require any technical ability, it is a physically toiling challenge and a perfect training hike for those with their sights set on some of the longer Nepalese classics.

Absorb the visually stunning desolate peaks and alpine meadows on this western European hut-to-hut epic.

Don’t miss: Peering over the Grande Dixence Dam, the largest gravity dam in the world.

Fly to: Geneva Cointrin International Airport, Geneva. Check flights or Zürich Airport, Zurich. Check flights 

 27) Conquer Mount Triglav, Slovenia


Known as the peak with three heads, Mt Triglav is Slovenia’s most culturally significant symbol, appearing both on its flag and bank notes.

Situated in the Triglav National park, this 2,864-metre high mountain gives an unfettered view of across the expansive floodplains and valleys of Slovenia. The national park itself is one of the most bio-diverse, and you can expect to see golden eagles, griffon vultures, chamois, marmots, and if you’re incredibly lucky, a lynx.  

Although summiting Triglav doesn’t require any technical skill, the 400-metre via ferrata the summit will test the stomach of the even the most fearless adventurer.  

This is understandably one of Europe’s favourite starter summits in Slovenia’s famously gorgeous national parks.

Don’t miss: Seeing the fairytale Bled castle in the middle of Lake Bled.

Fly to: Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Ljubljana. Check flights 

28)  Climb Mt Olympus, Greece

Mount Olympus is one of the world’s most famous mountains. Shrouded in ancient Greek mythology, this 2,920-metre summit is an awe-inspiring adventure for any mortal interested in nature and ancient history.

Its banks are home to over 1,700 plant species, over 100 bird species as well jackals, deer and wolves. The dense forests of the lower slopes get traded jagged boulders as you ascend Zeus’s home.

This iconic European summit is waiting to be tackled by adventurous mortals looking for a heavenly challenge.

Don’t miss: The incredible photo opportunity of the ‘Plateau of the Muses’ from the cosy Kakkalos Refuge at 2,700 metres.

Fly to: Thessaloniki Macedonia International Airport, Thessaloniki. Check flights 

 29) Summit Mont Blanc, France


Straddling the border of France and Italy’s is Europe’s heavyweight mountain; Mont Blanc. Sitting at 4,180m, Mont Blanc is the highest point in western Europe, and many regard this mountain as the birthplace of modern mountaineering.

An ascent of Mont Blanc starts with a hike through the glacial valleys of the alps before riding a cable-car to Refuge du Nid d’Aigl, your base for the summit attempt.

Summiting this classic mountain the quintessential Savoyarde mountaineering experience and the perfect gateway into the addictive world of mountain-climbing.

Don’t miss: Gazing at Mont Blanc from the top Gran Paradiso, Italy’s highest peak.  

Fly to: Geneva Cointrin International Airport, Geneva. Check flights 

30) Climb Mt Kazbek, Georgia

Eastern Georgia’s tallest mountain, Mt Kazbek, (5,047m) is an extinct volcano that sits in the Caucasus region on the border of Georgia and Russia. The sleeping giant is steeped in mythology; it is supposedly where Prometheus was imprisoned for daring to steal fire from the Gods.

Before trekking through the gorges, waterfalls and glaciers of one of Europe’s wildest hiking routes, you’ll embark on one of Europe’s most formidable mountaineering challenges.

Some prior mountaineering experience is essential as this challenging climb requires some axe and rope work towards the top. This is the ideal progression for those with a summit or two under their belt and looking to challenge themselves on one of Europe’s fiercest summits.  

Don’t miss: Listening out for the creeks of the creeping Gergeti Glacier.

Fly to: Tbilisi International Airport, Tbilisi. Check flights 

31) Trek Ecuador’s Avenue of Volcanoes


Ecuador’s ‘Avenue of Volcanoes’ is home to 7 peaks, all over 17,000-foot high. Amongst them is the Cotopaxi, a solitary, symmetrical 19,348-foot snow cone that protrudes out of the windswept Ecuadorian highlands.

On this adventure, you’ll snowshoe and pickaxe your way over crevasses and snow bridges to the summit of Cotopaxi, the third highest active volcano in the world. From the summit, you’ll have a view of the staggering, explosive Ecuadorian fault-line, one of the world’s most breath-taking viewpoints.

Before ascending this mountain, you’ll trek up a series of lower volcanoes in the aptly-named ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’. Staying in a range of eco-friendly haciendas and mountain lodges along the way, you’ll get a taste of the traditional, nomadic Ecuadorian lifestyle.  

Don’t Miss: Exploring the jungle in Mount Pasachao’s crater to spot hummingbirds, white-tailed deer and if you’re lucky, the ever-elusive South American Cougar.

Fly to: Mariscal Sucre International Airport, Quito. Check flights 


32) Forage and Kayak Through Sweden’s Saint Anna Archipelago

The Saint Archipelago on Sweden’s east coast is a maze of over 6,000 uninhabited islands. The Scandinavian law of ‘freedom to roam’, or ‘Allemansratten’ allows you to camp wherever you please, and this adventure takes full advantage of that.

You’ll get island hop alongside the resident seals and sea-birds. Your expert guide will show you to how to forage. Then you’ll be shown how to prepare your findings into to delicious, gourmet meals. This is an adventure of staggering natural beauty with an emphasis on a self-reliant lifestyle. This kayaking experience epitomises the Scandinavian philosophy of ‘outdoor living’.

The adventurous gourmand will have serious difficulty topping this Swedish adventure.

Don’t miss: Watching the sunset from a secluded beach whilst chewing on a smoked whitefish flatbread roll that you caught and prepared with your own two hands.  

Fly to: Stockholm Skavsta Airport, Stockholm. Check flights 

33)  Ski Through Norway’s Backcountry Powder from a Military Truck


This Norwegian adventure is a backcountry skier’s pilgrimage. Based out of Northern Norway’s Tromso, your experienced guide will drive you to some of the best backcountry skiing spots on the planet.

During the day you’ll be charging down secluded powder fields, with the opportunity to carve from a summit down to the sea, something only a handful of people in the world have ever done. By night, your guide will take you to the best spots to capture the elusive Aurora Borealis.

Your accommodation for the week is a Pisa, which is a custom-built military truck where you’ll cook, eat and drive to the day’s best skiing destination.

You’ll find this heavy-duty Scandinavian snow adventure incredibly hard to top.

Don’t miss: Plunging into an ice-cold water before settling into a mountainside wood-fired sauna.

Fly to: Tromsø Airport, Tromso. Check flights 

 34) Descend One of Europe’s Deepest Canyons, Bosnia & Herzegovina


This adventure takes place in the Rakitnica canyon, wedged between the Bjelašnica and Visočica mountains in Bosnia. Never done commercially before, this adventure will have you abseiling, rock jumping, swimming and diving in one of the most remote canyons in Europe.

You’ll also raft down the Neretva river, the largest river in the eastern Adriatic basin. The vertical cliffs, rocky peaks and ridges make for a natural playground in one of Europe’s undiscovered corners.

Don’t miss: Crossing the iconic, UNESCO-Listed Old Mostar bridge.

Fly to: Dubrovnik Airport, Dubrovnik. Check flights or Split Airport, Split. Check flights 

 35) Dive the Belize Barrier Reef

The Belize barrier reef is a UNESCO-listed 300-kilometre long series of coral reefs that straddle the coast of Belize. Described by Charles Darwin as ‘The most remarkable reef in the West Indies’, this is an area of astonishing biodiversity. Scientists have identified 70 hard coral species, 36 soft coral species and 500 species of fish. It’s also estimated that only 10% of the reef’s species have been identified.

However, the reef is under threat. An invasive species of lionfish breed have appeared in the area that breed at an alarming rate and have no natural predators. They are in turn causing tremendous damage to the ecosystem. On this adventure, you’ll work alongside a local non-profit marine to gather important data and help to spear the lionfish.

You’ll kill two lionfish with one spear on this adventure as you’ll experience one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world while helping to conserve it at the same time.  

Don’t miss: Photographing the Mayan mountains and Belize barrier reef from a hopper plain.

Fly to: Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport, Belize City. Check flights 

36)  Snowmobile, Ski, Hike, Kite and Fish from a Remote Cabin in Iceland


The Sprengisandur is a highland plateau that stretches between the Hofsjökull and Vatnajökul, two of Europe’s largest glaciers and the waterfalls of Godafoss and Aldeyarfoss.

This adventure will have you staying in a remote cabin under the dancing northern lights. Choose between superjeeping, snowmobiling, skiing, hiking or kiting, before settling down to a traditionally prepared Icelandic lamb in front of the fire, before going out to spot the Aurora Borealis.  

This remote, Scandinavian experience is perfect for any the schedule-shy adventurer who wants a slice of the Scandi lifestyle.  

Don’t miss: Plunging into the hot springs at Landmannalaugar, otherwise known as the ‘people’s pool’.

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37) Build and Sleep in Your Own Igloo in the Swiss Alps


This mini-adventure will have you snowshoeing across the pristine Engstligenalp plateau in Switzerland’s Bernese Alps. With an experienced guide by your side, you’ll learn the age-old craft of igloo building, which will be your accommodation for the night.

This is the ultimate adventure for a couple looking for a truly unique winter experience.

Don’t miss: Having a cheese fondue under Switzerland’s starry night’s sky.

Fly to: Geneva Cointrin International Airport, Geneva. Check flights or Zürich Airport, Zurich. Check flights 

38) Nordic Ski Expedition to Halti Fell


The peak of Halti Fell sits on the border of Norway and Northern Finland. Halti Fell became famous after the Norwegian government proposed to gift the mountain to Finland to mark its 100th birthday. This gift would have made Halti Fell Finland’s highest peak, at 1,324 metres. Although the plan fell through, the remarkable gesture is still fondly remembered throughout Scandinavia.

This ski adventure starts in Kilpisjärvi, a town with more reindeer than people. You’ll cross-country ski across the untouched wilderness of wild Scandinavia before reaching the peak of Halti fell, where you’ll have an unbridled view of the pristine Arctic wilderness.   

Don’t miss: Plummeting down Kilpisjärvi’s untouched powder fields before resting your legs in a traditional wood-fired sauna.

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 39) The Karnali River Expedition, Nepal


The Karnali river is the longest and wildest in Nepal. The river starts from Tibet’s holy Mount Kailash and runs through Nepal’s lush, chirping rainforests to the famous Bardia National Park, home to wild elephants and tigers.

With names like ‘Jail House’, ‘the Bus-Eater’ and ‘Gods House’, Karnali’s rapids will test the bladders of the most fearless thrill-seeker. Paddling this mighty river whilst camping on its banks is one of the best, blister-free way to experience the best of Nepal.

Don’t miss: Spotting Karnali’s rare, endangered pink river dolphin. 

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40) Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu, Peru


Named as one of the 25 best treks in the world by National Geographic, this stunning trek takes you through the lush, dense forest in the shadow of the mighty Salkantay Mountain (6,271m). Highland mountain passes will take you below towering glaciers and the stunning peaks of the Cordillera Vilcabamba Mountain ranges.  

This impressive alternative to the traditional Inca Trail combines an exploration of the Cusco, the Sacred Valley and one of the seven wonders of the world; the Machu Picchu settlement. This adventure is the ultimate authentic Inca experience.

Don’t miss: Picking, grinding and roasting your own coffee beans and taking a sip whilst overlooking the Lucmabamba valley.  

Fly to: Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, Cuzco. Check flights 

41) Hike from Dana to Petra  

Another adventure that has caught the attention of National Geographic. Named as one of the 15 best hikes in the world. The trail takes you across the mountain plateaus of the Araba valley and into the diverse ecosystems hidden in canyons.

The constantly changing scenery ranges from sublime mountaintop views to serene countryside.

The hike ends in the ancient UNESCO-listed city of Petra which been recently voted ‘one of the seven wonders of the world’ by popular ballot. This experience will blow away any expectations you may have about an adventure in Jordan.

Don’t miss: Camping under the stars in the desert of Shkaret Umseid.

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 42) Conquer Ben Nevis  

You don’t always need to go abroad for the best adventures; some are right under your nose. If 2019 is the year you finally want to climb a mountain, Ben Nevis is an ideal choice. Non-technical but still a challenge, a hike up Britain’s highest mountain (1,345m) can take anywhere between seven and nine hours.

The surrounding area of Glen Nevis is quintessential British countryside and has been used as a filming location for Braveheart and the Harry Potter movies.

Don’t miss: Exploring Fort William, one of the most traditional Scottish highland towns.  

Fly to: Inverness Airport, Inverness. Check flights or Glasgow International Airport, Glasgow. Check flights 

43) Freedive the Canary Islands


Freediving is the diving without the assistance of any breathing apparatus. It’s one of the most challenging yet peaceful sports going. And there’s no better place to learn than in the volcanic, UNESCO-listed island of El Hierro in the Canary Islands. 60% of the island is a biosphere reserve

On this adventure, you’ll receive your AIDA1 and AIDA2 qualifications whilst also exploring the volcanic landscapes above the water. Below the sea, you have a very high chance of meeting some of the underwater locals including lobsters, octopus, seahorses, corals, anemones, parrotfish, groupers, triggerfish, rays and eels.

Don’t miss: Taking a dip in El Hierro’s natural pools overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

Fly to: Hierro Airport, Hierro. Check flights 

 44) Hike to Kjerag Boulder in the Winter, Norway

Kjerag boulder

Some 10,000 years, Norway’s ancient glaciers dominated Norway’s Lysefjord. When they thawed, they left a peculiar boulder lodged in the fjord’s mountainside around 1,000 metres above the fjord, This boulder, known as Kjerag boulder, is one of the most visited Norwegian attractions.

Hundreds flock to the rock feature in the summer, however a hike to Kjerag boulder in Norway’s brutal winter is the perfect way to combine a visit to the feature with a serene arctic expedition. Joined by a professional local guide with state-of-the-art equipment, this Norwegian adventure is second-to-none.

Don’t miss: Spotting the boulder from below whilst cruising the Lysefjord on a high-speed rib.

Fly to: Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger. Check flights 

45) Packraft Through Finland’s Thousand Lakes

Packrafting is the next big thing in adventuring. As a means of exploring, it grants you access to places you would have never been able to access with just a kayak and hiking boots.

Packrafting through Finland’s Helvetinjärvi National Park will take you through a vast wilderness of forgotten lakes, canyons, gorges and sandy beaches. And of course, Scandinavia’s ‘right to roam’ law means you’ll be wild-camping wherever you choose to rest for the night.  

Don’t miss: Hiking to Helvetinkolu, a million-year-old crevasse that slices open the forest.  

Fly to: Tampere-Pirkkala Airport, Tampere. Check flights 

46) Circumnavigate Menorca by Sea Kayak  


Menorca was recently made a biosphere reserve due to its stunning array pristine beaches, concealed coves and limestone caves. On this adventure, you’ll explore an ancient necropolis, discover a naturally formed rock bridge and hunt for pre-Jurassic fossils.

Paddle the azure waters by day and camping under a biovac on uninhabited islands by night is the ideal experience for the leisurely explorer.  

Don’t miss: Delving into the complex history of Como Island.

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47) Sail Under the Northern Lights in Tromso

In the evenings, after you’ve finished your traditional gourmet Norwegian meal, sit out on the deck as you wait for the Aurora Borealis to erupt across the night’s sky.

This lavish Norwegian adventure is ideal for wildlife lovers who also like their creature comforts.

Don’t miss: Learning to navigate a catamaran through Tromso’s freezing ocean wilderness.

Fly to: Tromsø Airport, Tromso. Check flights 

48) Sea-Kayak Sardinia’s Coastline


Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and has the all its characteristics, unmistakably clear water, quaint coastal villages and postcard vineyards.

This kayaking adventure takes place along the protected 60 km of coastline in the Porto Conte Regional Park. Gentle paddling, swimming and snorkelling will occupy your days. In the evenings, you’ll stay in a rustic agriturismo, an Italian farm and home-stay hybrid where you’ll be treated to traditional Catalan cuisine, with ingredients having been plucked from the farm that day.

For any active foodie, this mouth-watering adventure is hard to top.

Don’t miss: Sipping a local Catalanian wine whilst listening to live music at a beach bar at the end of your trip.

Fly to: Alghero-Fertilia Airport, Alghero. Check flights 

49) Surfing in Morocco


Even though it’s in North Africa, Morocco has earned its place on the European surfing trail. Nestled behind a large cape, Taghzout benefits from consistent off-shore winds, keeping its large swell clean and accessible for beginners.

Taghazout has some of North Africa’s best surfing beaches and has one of the longest right-hand breaks in the world.

Your local Moroccan guide will drive you to the best spot for surfing that day. In the evening, you can opt for a post-surf yoga session before trying some of the local Moroccan delicacies, namely the famous Moroccan tagine. The cheap living costs and laid-back atmosphere makes Taghazout one the world’s emerging surfing hot-spots.  

Don’t miss: Spotting the goats in trees grazing for argan nuts.  

Fly to: Al Massira Airport, Agadir. Check flights 

50) SUP, Hike and Paraglide in Slovenia

Small and compact, Slovenia packs an adventurous punch. Quite rightly described as an adventure tapas, this trip will have you paddle-boarding through the narrow canyons of the ridiculously blue Soca River (aptly known as the ‘Emerald River’) and hike to the stunning Tolmin Gorge.  

The next day you’ll hike to the plateau in the town of Ajdovščina (780m). Here, you’ll launch yourself off the side of the mountain with your paragliding instructor, getting unbridled views of the lush green alps and the Adriatic Sea from the skies. This is the ultimate trip for the adventure-hungry, time-poor explorer.

Don’t miss: Exploring the subterranean Križna Cave by raft.

Fly to: Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Ljubljana. Check flights 

If these don’t float your boat or toot your whistle, explore our other handcrafted adventure holidays with only be the best local guides and hosts.